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Quels sont les horaires de travail chez COBS Bread?

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  • 6am to about 9 pm are the open hours. You get shifts worth taking. Accommodations for shorter shifts for students available.

  • 4-8 hours

  • 7.5 hours on paper, but in practice it's closer to 9-10 hours because of how production constantly increases and you're not given any more staffing. Most locations don't make time for bakers to take breaks or are told they aren't allowed.

  • (For sales staff) Depends on if you are a designated morning or closing staff member.
    Most stores close at either 7 or 9, with shifts starting at 11 or 1 for a full day. Expect to be there a half hour after close for closing duties.

    Opening hours begin at 6:30 (or a half hour before opening) and can go until noon to 2.

  • At first I worked part-time, usually 6am to 2pm or 1130am to 730pm. full-time i worked 5 days of the week.

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