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CO-OP GAS BAR : carrières et emplois

À propos de l'entreprise

  • Date de création
  • Taille de l'entreprise
    1 001 à 5 000
  • Chiffre d'affaires
    1 $ à 5 $ milliards (CAD)
  • Secteur d'activité
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Clerk and full serve gas pump jockey (St Alert Trail and 134 Avenue)
le 16 septembre 2020
Open and easy. No staff facilities.
Good atmosphere. Some co-workers were okay. Co-Workers seemed to not appreciate one taking time to do great job. Example, customers complimented the manager on the clean washrooms when I did them, the others thought I should take less time cleaning them, even if I came in early! Some of the staff did take advantage, If I was outside serving customers at the pump, they would not help unless there were four or more. Expected me to be out to help if a second driver pulled up. The management treated me fairly, but the head office responded to unknown complaints, giving little info on the complaints.
Pump Attendant (Lacombe, AB)
le 12 août 2021
Stressful work place. Lots of work drama, felt management didn’t care about there emy
I was working for this company and it wasn’t a great experience overall. From management picking favorites to all of the customers verbally abusing you management wouldn’t do anything about it. There was a lot of work place drama due to the fact of management picking favorites
Cashier/Pump Attendant (Saskatchewan)
le 26 avril 2021
Pros and cons...
The work atmosphere seemed great at first but then... it started to get toxic with coworkers nit picking and singling people out for everyone to see. The manager is too passive and let the part time who is only there 3 days a week run the show. Communication issues were aparent. You had to figure things out on your own not much training. During covid I got sick informed my boss and the reply was oh it's still early do you think you can still come in? Work is more important than employees well being. It's nice to get 24-40 hours a week. But when you get 40 hours you often times get one day off at a time. No vacation pay or sick pay for part timers. Really low starting wage especially for those who have experience. Benefits are good but only for those who don't get sick ever. Have to work 10 weeks straight with out being under 24 hours in a week. And then you have to wait another month to get them. The wait time is ridiculous. Not to mention anywhere I have worked you would get your benefits in 3 months reguardless of hours. They point out all of your flaws with no praise for doing hard work. And when you do do hard work you get in trouble for petty things like messy writing. Other employees were being lazy and everyone got in trouble for it. The work is easy sure but unless you work with good staff that care the stress isn't worth the pay. My recommendation don't make this job your entire life. No room for advancement and if there is it takes months to go through.Lunches are not paid here either. Plus when short staffed you have to take your break in between customers when there is a gas.
Gas Attendant (Winnipeg, MB)
le 8 décembre 2020
Worst place to work
I started working in the summer of 2020 and right after the first day I already hated it. I had no training and had to improvise. I messed up pretty frequently for the first couple days and got scolded by the supervisors every time- how is it my fault nobody trained me? As school started I asked for different shifts and I guess my boss took that as a different question and started cutting my shifts. currently I make 70 dollars every two weeks. I love it!
Gas Attendant (Winnipeg, MB)
le 31 août 2020
My Dumb Review Summary
It's not a bad job. However it's not a great job either... It's hard to explain lol but I've been there a year and a bit for example and the managers attitude changed since last year for example. They were more nicer last year than this year... Plus they don't know how to do their jobs properly. Good people but too young for their job titles...

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Publié le 11 novembre 2018

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