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Quels conseils donneriez-vous à une personne ayant un entretien chez ClearStream Energy Services?

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If whtat going I worked around several people thatvwhere enoloyed by Clearstream. Seemed like they where as good as every other company that worked around us . Maybe it’s just a few bad apples trying to make it look bad for the company. Sometimes you got to realize in life that everyone’s not cut out for this line off work . If you don’t like working for a company don’t try and ruin it for everyone ails just move on

Go somewhere else. They will try to give you the impression that they are a growing organized company but if i was you i would keep looking elsewhere. They appear to be a struggling company. This company is constantly laying off and rehiring which explains why they seem so disorganized. The constant turnover in staff is a major red flag that should not be ignored.

Be honest- they care about honesty

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