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Why did you leave your job at Clean Harbors?

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  • Could not work for a manager with no field experience in industrial cleaning. Forced me to work an 18 hour day and then had the nerve to tell me not to show all of those hours on my log. Said he made me work all of those hours to impress the company and show we are dedicated to our jobs and customers. Just one big clique in the Sarnia On division.

  • Bunch of ragging morons worst than kindergarten.
    Very, very few people (couple) with a spine.

    Need to do lots of kissing and report to an brain damage supervisor.

    Only chiefs over there.

  • FSJ management is just the worst.
    Petty and unprofessional.

  • Two faced managers , infected with drugs and support lazy people

  • New orientation from rollex transport

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  • Would not recommend clean harbors as an employer unless you have friends in middle management or you are a drone if you know your rights and fight for them they will get rid of you anyway they can.

  • They are by far the worst of the worst, they even out worst REDROCK CAMPS AND CATERING, now you know it's bad.

  • They àre a joke

  • I left my job at Clean Harbours because work got slow and I wasn't getting my full turn arounds of work. There were days I would have to sit in camp because of lack of work.

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  1. Why did you leave your job at Clean Harbors?