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What should you wear to an interview at Clark Builders?

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  • Business casual

  • Normal civilian dress.

  • Normal dress of civilian Dress.

  • Clothes do not make the job. This is a Wanna be company trying to be like the big boys but can’t get there because too many good ole boys in the group. Looks like a 20 year turn around to rid the bad seed before they become a premiere company, been there done that and don’t want to do it again. If I wanted to be ruled by a stick I would go back but so many more better companies out there. HR is a scam, upper management is not qualified and projects and estimating lack personality

    Just my own experience and opinion

  • Clean clothes not torn up or dirty. We have to give a view of to be proud of to all trades owners.

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  • Dress as you wish, high turn around.

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  1. What should you wear to an interview at Clark Builders?