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3.3Équilibre vie privée/professionnelle

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The people at CKB are supportive and I understand my importance with them. Other companies make you feel like just a number, but at CKB I have involvement and responsibility in my projects and decision making. I feel recognized and strive to grow. Not to mention, these guys are alot of fun. There's always a time to work, but there's nothing stopping you from having a good attitude while doing it, and that's what I learnt from these guys.
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Very good work place

Ckb is a good place to work for , we get lot support from the management and they look after you and appreciate people . When you work at Ckb you have a big opportunity advancement . Ckb staff,and management are very exPerimented and ready to help anybody as need it
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Great construction company to work for

Currently working for CKB, Forman are safety driven and take time to teach you what you need to do you job safely & correct. Supervisors and management are easy to talk to and are engaging with all workers.

Points positifs

Scheduled Saturdays off

Points négatifs

Long hours
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Fast paced and fun

It’s construction, either you can or you can’t. But If you can, CKB is an awesome place to work!Sad that I have to move, wish I could stay however my wife Is going to school and my 2 young children and I Will be accompanying her. cKB has competitive wages and once you see the bigger picture of scope you’ll be practicing, you’ll actually enjoy yourself and grow interpersonally. Loved my time here. Thank you guys

Points positifs

Lots of learning

Points négatifs

Not many days off
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Very disorganized. Low pay

Tools and Materials always disorganized. Other workers don't understand English. Very fast paced environment, long hours. Took me 9 months to get a raise, was supposed to be 3 months. All about productivity, felt angry 80% of the time.Never mentioned to this day that you should get vaccinated. (Tetanus vaccinations should be up to date, with consideration also given to the need for polio, typhoid fever, Hepatitis A and Hepatitis B)

Points positifs

Lots of hours

Points négatifs

Dirty work; Very stressful; Some workers don't understand English
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Used to be family owned things were different

Worked for Ckb for along time. Used to be great and about the people. Since you know who bought it out from bill and cliff it’s gone downhill big. Poor communication supply’s aren’t there. No tools end up bringing your own stuff and it ends up getting stolen cause there too cheap to supply proper hand tools. Poorly managed

Points positifs

Decent pay.

Points négatifs

Lies from management and no time for a life
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good overall company

good company to work for,work was good,houres were long but not bad..other employees were good to work with.some of the Forman were good and some were not.

Points positifs

christmas party
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CKB construction, water and sewer company.

Enjoyed working for CKB Construction, assisted in transportation of sewage transportation and rigging, worked as a swamper for a boom truck. Very physically demanding and working at heights and allways on the move hauling materials and equipment.

Points positifs

Lunches every week on friday.

Points négatifs

Muddy conditions, physically demanding
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