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  • Comment décririez-vous l'environnement de travail et la culture d'entreprise?
  • Quels sont les horaires de travail?
  • Quels sont les quelques conseils pour réussir l'entretien?

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Extremely unfriendly, disrespectful and very unwelcoming. There is a culture of exclusivity where the 'old boys & old girls' club exists and even when those individuals retire, the culture is so ingrained that the nasty cycle continues; they are not willing to learn, adapt, and go above & beyond to making the culture different and where everyone feels like they are able to contribute to the overall goals of the corporation - For The People (enough of the politicization of the corporation and get back to community programs & services like you are supposed to do).

Réponse du 18 décembre 2019

You'll get 1 t-shirt, that's it. Nothing else and if you want anything else and or another t-shirt, you'll have to pay a lot for another piece of city swag.

Réponse du 18 décembre 2019

With many of the supervisors/managers (who seem to overwhelmingly be female - which sets up systemic hiring practices), it can be quite: toxic, catty, where you'll find yourself doing a lot of their work on a daily basis, you won't get answers, these individuals are quite hard to get ahold of even with their "anytime contact" policy, etc. If there are any issues, HR will not hear your word over the supervisor or manager...they protect the most senior employee in the organization (so be careful! and don't speak out when something goes wrong, cause you'll most likely find yourself in their nasty HR loop...).

Réponse du 9 mai 2019

They would rather push front line workers down, by keeping them at casual pt minimum wage roles than to uplift their staff...all because most of the management makes way too much for their roles (and where they do not actually do the job as they easily pass the buck...). So, it's easier for the CoW to go through the hiring process on a monthly basis for the same front line roles, than putting resources towards sustainable long term professionals.

Réponse du 9 mai 2019

NO. If you are a professional in the field, and you don't already have a municipal job, then don't bother wasting your time applying...they don't care about professionals in these fields. You likely won't even get an interview if you apply as they play a shell game with positions/people at the management & executive level.

Réponse du 9 mai 2019

It's the culture whereby the hiring teams surround themselves with their own gender as they do not understand the value of having a balanced workforce in all positions, and they are in fear of different perspectives/approaches - so you will be at a disadvantage if you are of the opposite gender. No different than the typical municipal practices that occur in Ontario, whereby females are on the programming side and men are on the operational side, as rec'ers.

Réponse du 30 septembre 2019
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