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Vos supérieurs sont-ils facilement abordables chez City of Toronto?

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Be flexible where permitted in terms of work schedule to allow better work life balance, stop this practice of understaffing - replace employees when they leave or retire to avoid making workload unbearable on remaining employees, encourage and inform employees of professional and personal development opportunities that are available to them

Keep good communicate with the staff

Options for long term part-time staff to move to full time, better communication, less encouragement of backstabbing would make for a less hostile work environment!

Having good managers to handle problems when they arise, and keying the whole staff to work as a team, pay rise, promotion etc.

The city of Toronto is very generous in terms of compensation but I wish they would address employee conflicts more effectively rather than avoid them as a way of dealing, especially in the seasonal teams where I work.

The gardeners should do confidential evaluations of their supervisors, eg lead hands and foreman, every year. When teachers teach at a publicly funded college or university, the students evaluate them each semester. I think it should be the same way for the leaders of the gardening yards. This is because sometimes no one wants to speak up with complaints or suggestions. The leaders constantly assess our performances but how come we don’t get to assess theirs? For example, let’s say someone at my yard is a team lead and causes a lot of problems and is mentally or emotionally unstable. How can I help him to be moved somewhere else? I’m tired of this person being mean to me and holding grudges against my team members forever, and he can never be fired and is trying to become a permanent team lead. What a nightmare. It is the dark side of being unionized, the people with negative habits or influence never leave. That’s why the employees should be able to annually give evaluations of their team leads confidentially and these should be reviewed by HR to determine is there is perennial dysfunction at any yard that needs to be dealt with.

To do the job right and at least have a chance in workforce with training

Do their job !

A pention. Prevent bullying.

Lower property taxes, Sales transfer Taxes on properties. And more affordable homes for people ,

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