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Si vous deviez quitter City of Toronto, quelle en serait la raison?

23 réponses

Flexibility, no more problems with understaffing (the City is very notorious for overworking their employees), better pay, room for advancement, job security (permanence over contract work), better medical coverage, less rigid management structure

Moving out of the city or retirement

Retired from the job

Is because better paid

Not enough hours, too much politics, backstabbing, different departments cause conflict for each other, as many are very disinterested in serving the public in a cohesive way. This means we are much less efficient & customer service oriented than we should be & this costs us all!!

Good governance, good pay rate, equality etc.

Higher pay in the form of year round employment rather than seasonal work. I would stay if I can move from contract to permanent work.

If I did not get better opportunity

The reason I would leave the Ciyr of Toronto is because I am moving.
Also there was no room for advancement.

Because I want to complete my education and too have a job I can handle do. If I enjoy w had I do in the job it's a good feeling and plus getting paid for it really happy to bring positive energy to the city work

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