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Que choisiseriez-vous d'améliorer chez City of Toronto?

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I will treat everyone with respect dspite creed,colour or race as we are all human beings.

Flexibility where permitted in terms of work schedule to allow better work life balance, stop this practice of understaffing - replace employees when they leave or retire to avoid making workload unbearable on remaining employees, encourage and inform employees of professional and personal development opportunities that are available to them

I will make this city safe cool and peaceful

I would seek a law where there would be 0 tolerance to bullying, sexual assault, racial discrimination, generally just bad behavior in the work force. Employees have their own life going on, just doing their job and having to dread working with someone is absolutely ridiculous.

I would like to encourage the security team with the job well done and request you to get me are chase to join your work force.

It is important to have good training for the teachers and the assistants.

The management staff that make decisions about age groups or ratios for staff to children have often not worked as counsellors before and need to be placed in our setting to understand how their decisions may effect their staff.

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