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4.0Équilibre vie privée/professionnelle

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High stress, toxic management

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Job itself can be very stressful. Management add a lot of unnecessary stress. Great group of co workers. Lots of split shifts, very difficult to get weekends off. Holidays are based on seniority making it difficult to get desirable time off. (Winter and summer holidays)

Points positifs

Great benefits

Points négatifs

Stress, split shifts, hard to get time off, management.
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Fun and excitement

Every thing doing well and I love working with them, very friendly and we have some fun. My co worker and I help us each other, my supervisor thought me a lot.

Points positifs

Big salary

Points négatifs

Hot inside pool area
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not productive not fun stressful

bad experience in the city transit maintenance I feel I am not welcome to work here the management it's so very stressful I should quit earlier my mistake I'm trying to kill the pain it took me 8 years before I realize I do not belong here

Points positifs

no free

Points négatifs

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Recruitment process dragged on and on

I applied for the same engineering position twice at the City.For the first time I applied, the interview was more than a month after the posting closed. Then it took a month after the interview in order to get a firm answer on the outcome. Very painful.For the second time I applied, it took them 3 months to try to decide what to do with recruiting the position, and they ultimately cancelled the process. Pretty lame, and real lack of communication from a large organization.
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Productive and fun work place and there so many opportunity for growth

I enjoyed my work here, the management is good and my coworkers are supportive. I miss my work here and given a chance i would still work here at City of Saskatoon
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excellent place to work

Good environment when it comes to having opportunities for advancement. The best thing about it is work/life balance. Great working outside and very friendly enviroment

Points positifs

gives you working experience

Points négatifs

same routine
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Micromanaged through the roof

Manager doesnt know what they are doing, director makes comments that are untruthful, showed true colors during covid. This place is very micromanaged not allowed to have a thought of your own and, the trainer has been there since highschool and if you bring up some ideas to implement during training they get defensive. Most people stay there for the money because they are stuck st this point. Managment in the last 5 years is the worst!
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Very fun and inclusive work environment

I was in charge of a summer camp with my partner. I met a lot of great kids and had fun spending the summer with them. The work staff was also great and I had a great supervisor. I would definitely recommend working here!

Points positifs

Free Lunches if you forgot yours, Great kids and staff, had no problems with parents

Points négatifs

Only a summer position
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Great Place to Work!

Loved working here it was very fun, very flexible and good pay. Casual hours for the job, but the job its self was also very casual and laid back. Afternoon hours.
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Supportive work environment

All the areas work together to help each other, even if the job itself is independent. Everyone is supportive and helps each other grow and become better at their job or help advance each others careers. everyone is well respected, and our opinions do not go unnoticed.
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Fun and functional place to work.

This was a fun and upbeat place to work. I made my own choreography and chose my own music. I had freedom to teach the way I felt comfortable. Always encouraging!
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Nice gym community

Working for the city of Saskatoon fitness centres has been great! Flexible hours for work, free gym membership for trainers, and great parking too. I highly recommend applying if you have the proper qualifications
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Great place to work

Very friendly staff to work with great job experience Outdoor work Relaxed work environment Fair pay Unfortunately only seasonal employment and would prefer full time I recommend to work for city
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It was a good experience for me especially right after I finished my office schooling. I did enjoy the other people that I worked closely with and the building was nice and old.
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Job is good.

I like going to work every morning. My coworkers are great and very helpful. Management leaves something to be desired sometimes and interdepartmental communication is bad. Still a great place to work.
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It's Ok.

Work conditions are good. Not much for supervision which is nice. Salary,time off is good. Co workers are easy to get along with. If you need a job it's a good place to work.
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Best Place to work

Really wonderful work culture. Amazing support from Management. Very well paid and benefits as well.awesome coworkers. Once you start here to work no one leaves until retirement
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Productive and fast paced work place with so much to contribute for the betterment of society and citizens.

- Collaborative - Data Analysis, Advance Policy Preparation, Writing Reports - Inclusive Culture - Working on projects which directly and positively impacts the citizens

Points positifs

Collaborative Work Culture

Points négatifs

Fast paced workplace
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Rigid workplace with detailed expectations

Lifeguarding is a good fit to get through university. Through my time with the City I watched the work environment gradually increase in micromanagement of employees' time. However not all personality types are suited to both interacting with the public, and teaching children to swim. It is a very involved job.
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Friend;ly work place

The salary is great and the co-workers and supervisors are very friendly. It is a place that one can develop his or her career. They organised internal training for staff at all times.
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Low moral and top heavy management.

First 6 years were exciting. Alot of various jobs. Management was a bit much. They throw away thousands of dollars away on poor ideas from city hall, and nickle and dime employees. Poor leadership and low moral was a huge problem. Worked there for 18 years.
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4.0Équilibre vie professionnelle / personnelle
4.1Salaire / avantages sociaux
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