Ville d'Ottawa
City of Ottawa
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Que choisiseriez-vous d'améliorer chez Ville d'Ottawa?

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I try make city of ottawa a best place of work.

Have less part-time staff

Show the workers other departments that are available in order to help them find what is more suitable for them

I well do my best to do my responsibility to work on the way to maintain my performance regarding of my work,helping to others specially to cenior citizens in my dream country.thank you somuch

1. Routinely prepare surveys for the staff to better understand their needs - and follow through
2. Revamp the promotion system - it's outdated and unfair

3. Increase the amount of hours part-time staff are allowed to work; look into a benefits program for long-term staff

4. Create more mentorship opportunities/programs for senior staff interested in higher management roles

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