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4.1Équilibre vie privée/professionnelle

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Une experience enrichissante pour en apprendre plus sur la culture canadienne, leur mode de vie et une chance d'ameliorer mon anglais.

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Journée typique : - Aide aux repas - Aide à l'habillage - Amener les enfants à l'Ecole - Les aider dans l'apprentissage d'une bonne hygiène de vie - Participer aux tâches ménagères
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Bad place to work

You go in thinking it's going to be a great job but that changes really fast. From management all the way down to half the workers in Streets Dept. were corrupt in one form or another. If someone in their little pack doesn't like you some of them try to bully you so you'll quit. .

Points positifs

Hours and Pay

Points négatifs

Bullies and lazy co-workers
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Wonderful workplace environment

CNV is a great work place. The people are nice and most management is very supportive. My only challenge is that information about business processes is not always easy to come by - no one is holding back deliberately - but it is really on the new person to figure out there own way. On-boarding into roles is lacking. Maybe that is good - it forces you to go and ask around. You meet people in all the departments.
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Great overall sense of Community

Great overall sense of community from the guests and all the different departments within a facility. So many job offers within each facility and activities for all ages/abilities.
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Fun and stressfree workplace

Good work culture and a stress free environment. Great management and support resources. Fair pay for the work done. I never brought home any work stress from this job.

Points négatifs

Typically short shifts so can be tough to get enough hours
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wasnt overall a good experience

It was a terrible place to work period. poor management, to much entitlement and a lot of lazy guys. Temps did all the work and took all took all the problems. . Not what u know it is who u know there. good benefits and job safety but low pay for only hrs a day.
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Great place to work

Great atmosphere and opportunity to grow. I would would recommend working here to anyone. Great setting in North Vancouver and friendly office environment.
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Recreation Programmer 1

Commute to work was terrible. Were not flexible with hours that would have worked given traffic conditions (even though same work could have been completed). Tough to get a handle on things with movement to different centres and reporting to different staff. Senior staff members were comfortable in their roles and were not receptive to new ideas from newer, younger staff so it made transition much more difficult. Certain staff members went out of their way to pick apart wrongdoings and report to management to make a hostile and unfriendly environment.
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Constant turn over, lackluster team

If you enjoy working in at a place with constant management turn over and a lackluster and an unmotivated IT team, this is the place for you. No strategic direction, stale IT technology, typical unionized government atmosphere. My advice, stay away!

Points positifs

Good work life balance

Points négatifs

Leadership more concerned about feelings than performance, unmotivated team, frequent turnover of management
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Had nice time here, the company culture was good and work-life balanced. Did not learn too much stuff here, the working environment was cozy. A good place to work
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Good workplace, competitive wages and great team members

Great organization with positive team members and lots of room for development. Many different departments and facilities to work in and all of the staff that I have met has been very friendly.
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Awful workplace

Absolutely hands down the worst organization I have ever worked for. I worked on the streets division. The supervisor is an negative, insecure old man who is abusing the system by organising overtime to benefit him and the brown noser of the crew. They bully employees they hate to try and force them out. Good workers get punished and the lazy and system abusing employees seem to get whatever they want. Use alot of city tools for personal jobs on weekends and also charge certain materials to work jobs even though they bring them home for personal use. Embarrassment of an organization. Corruption at its best I guess. Glad I left when I did. I hope hr see this review.

Points positifs

Benefits and some nice people

Points négatifs

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Productive and fun

Co-workers and supervisors are reachable. I've enjoyed working with co-workers and they helped you out if you need extra help. The hardest part of the job is if there's an event during your shift. But overall, management and co-workers are awesome!

Points positifs

Friendly staff and competitive wages

Points négatifs

It takes a long time before you become a full time.
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Great experience and opportunity

Studio in the City was an opportunity to work with other young artists to create a mural in my community. We mostly worked outside in the summer heat.
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Volunteering with the North Van Rec is fun. You get to sign up for stuff you enjoy and you get to see all the people that live in the area. The environment is great.
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Good place to work

Excellent benefits. Good learning environment with in-house training and courses. Great location with banks, library, restaurants and shops close by.
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Very positive place to work. Enjoyable people and good attitudes

Early start at 7:00 AM, but that means an early finish - 3:30PM. Review the day's or week's requirements with my supervisor and plan the activities accordingly. Always be aware that the people that you work with are your best resources for getting things done. Everyone has secondary skills that enhance their basic job description. This makes it fun to work with them. Management has their quirks, but they are open to new information, and are willing to listen if the information you are giving them will provide solutions to problems that they are dealing with. The culture is really quite friendly and upbeat. As with any organization, there are a few sticks in the mud, but they can be handled. Some jobs are started on without a clear understanding of the scope of activities needed to complete them properly. This leads to time crunches as the deadlines approach. The best part of the job was that what I was doing was benefiting the community that I live in, and you could see the results of your work on a daily basis.

Points positifs

Free, Good Coffee

Points négatifs

Time crunches on larger projects
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Positive and fun workplace with a great communal atmosphere

Love working with kids, pays well, great fellow employees/ employers. Typical day involved leaving the rec centre for an outtrip with the camp which requires the use of public transit ie busses, skytrain, seabus etc.

Points positifs

Super fun and interactive

Points négatifs

Terrible traffic home due to location of rec centre
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Family Business by family members as staff

The owner does not like to hire people except than the family. Even if the owner has to hire some staff for some specific leaves like her pregnancy, all the jobs are temporary.

Points positifs

Relaxing and slow paced

Points négatifs

Not having a chance to get hired or paid
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Management sucks

You can never do enough to make them happy. And they have a way of bullying guys into doing things. Their safety rep is paid to keep people at work doing rediculous things even when your doctor tells you not to be there

Points positifs

Occasional free food

Points négatifs

Long days and have to fight to get paid for the overtime
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Tennis instructor

Was left to my own initiative to run lessons. Learned I could produce work through self-teaching. Management was excellent. Job culture was fun working with children. Hardest part of job, time management. Best part working with children. Manageable days for lessons.

Points positifs

Great exercise opportunity

Points négatifs

Not enough hours
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