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4.2Équilibre vie privée/professionnelle

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  • Absence de stress
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People that I work with were great. Management was dismissive, mimimizing and condescending

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There is very little advancement in the organization. Because of the union environment there is no recognition for individual performance and no opportunity for remuneration
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Poor management communication and promotion/advancement is strictly based on Seniority no matter what they tell you; Constantly hire over qualified people who move on to bigger and better things whilst average employees get promotions for sticking it out long enough for there Seniority to kick in, ultimately creating a breeding ground of mediocrity.
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Fun place to work

It is lots of fun to work for the City of Kelowna. They are very organized, pay exceptionally well, and explain everything in an easy and professional manner.
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Great place to work

I worked an 8 hour day with a chance for an alternative work schedule. Benefits were good. I ran heavy equipment and had a chance to learn all equipment at the City
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Love working with the city

Working with the city allows me to work outdoors and be apart of keeping our city clean and beautiful. The City takes great pride in our parks system and I love being apart of helping to do my part
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Fantastic place to work

Great team and excellent pay structure. Plenty of opportunity to grow. Always available to chat about what is expected and how to improve yourself in the future
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Community focused and adaptive environment

A typical day can include many different events, people and opportunities. The entire staff team is accepting and willing to grow together. Always looking for new opportunities to be interacting and providing great experiences for the public.
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Fun and positive work environment

Really awesome workplace and people, but had to maintain set hours as I am only part time. The management team is always positive and encouraging personal and professional growth.

Points positifs

Helpful Coworkers

Points négatifs

Not enough hours available
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Enjoyed working with team members, serving the community. No complaints of facilities, management, coworkers nor residents who attended events in Kelowna.
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Working for the city of Kelowna had a positive impact on all areas of life. Wage and hours and benefits are second to none coupled with a solid retirement package .

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Fun workplace with many different job options.

working for the city provides me with many job options. This way, I can pick what I enjoy and am best suited for. I have learned more leadership skills for working independently as well as with a team.
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Nice Organization

Ordering supplied and logistics for Fire Department Scheduling supply shipments to work locations working with vendors and customers dealing with public reporting
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Not a great place

I prefer not to disparage the organization with a description of the manner in which I have been treated. I am sure not all of the departments within this organization treat people in the same manner.
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Amazing culture, focus on employee engagement and appreciation

A great organization with priorities in employee well-being and range of programs for education incentives, return to work programs, and catering to disabilities.

Points positifs

Amazing staff

Points négatifs

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easy going good hours and the manager was vary friendly enjoyed working there the hole time i was there. good place to work
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Not a family supportive place to work.

I was a temp employee in the finance dept. I had been there for two months, however, I had a daycare situation and I could not come into work due to the daycare closing down, I was in a real predicament being a single parent. I advised work of situation and then management wrote me up a bad review which was sent to Human Resources. To say the least, I was never called again for any temp positions. If you have children, don't apply here as they will not be supportive or understanding.

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Points négatifs

Heavy workload
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Great experience to have had

Got to work with a great crew and learned new things. Had great benefits, loved being on the machine, enjoyed various shift changes, enjoyed having the overtime
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My co-workers were great

Working for the city gave me the opportunity to get my DZ drivers licence. I gain a lot of experience with machinery and construction in sewer, water and drainage system.
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worked as an admin assistant

Great place to work. I was a casual worker so I had the chance to work at the Landfill, City Yards, Waste Water Treatment plant, City Hall, the Parks department. Best place to work for me was at the Landfill because they have a fun loving crew out there.

Points positifs

Great work place balance

Points négatifs

Don't have any cons
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organizing the annual provincial seniors' games

Fast paced environment, very demanding, long hours but very rewarding and much fun. Management were great and accommodating. Volunteers were recruited to help and maintaining steady help was difficult but not impossible. Trying to accomplish all duties into one day resulted in long hours because of the pressure to put the games on in time. Once the games were underway and awards given at the end, it was very rewarding to see everything worked out superb.

Points positifs

beautiful banquet dinners

Points négatifs

lomg hours
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One of my favourite annual writing contracts

This is an annual contract I get each Spring to write up the awards show for the Kelowna Civic Awards. I'm given about 10 pages of information on each finalist and have to create a 100 word summary that is entertaining and informative enough that people can sit through listening to all 66 of them without getting bored.
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4.2Équilibre vie professionnelle / personnelle
3.9Salaire / avantages sociaux
3.1Sécurité de l'emploi / évolution de carrière
3.6Culture d'entreprise

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