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All positions seem to be listed as full time temporary. Does this mean it's contract to contract, if they like you?

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City council has directed that there be no new permanent positions so blame those elected officials not managers

The answer of "been 31 years" is a joke, and means that that individual is so out of touch with how the corporation hires today. YES - you will be dumped after your contract unless you know someone further up...this is how all the silly corporations work these days and it's unfortunate because they will not have someone being able to say "I've been here for 31 years" with their approach to the hiring practice where they would rather force a candidate into a short term temporary position at 'x' dollars less than a ft employee and without the benefits too that a ft employee would have. Its about them, not about are just a number in todays society :(

No, been full time for 31 years

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