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Quels conseils donneriez-vous à la Direction afin que les employés restent chez City of Edmonton?

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Stop treating your employees like they’re a dime a dozen. Stop financially cutting every single corner possible at the expense of employee well being. And hiring supervisor based on real life experience and quit with the university degrees get hired first nonsense. Too many bosses - not enough clues .

Well pay,no abuse and safe work place

For lay off

Stop constructive dissmissal program.

Terminate crooked management, stop collusion with union and learn to follow their own practices.

Hold management accountable. Replace Deloitte as the harrasement investigators. Out of 12 documented and witnessed incidents of blatant abuses including safety ohs violations Deloitte found all but 1 “unsubstantiated” after taking months and months to investigate. Management in LRTFM will blatantly lie to you and their superiors. Seniority means nothing. Placed an unqualified, hand picked foremen with 1 month experience and 9 months with the city in a different department because he is unbalanced enough to do their desired dirty work despite others with far more experience applying.
Promises are broken. Buddys of foremen park inside while those not in his circle are moved from inside to the outside. Discipline done in highly populated public areas. Seriously injured employees abused when they return to work and union defends the city. Collusion between union and city. City manager and mayor Iveson have been made aware of abuses on several occasion but could care less. Will not even reply to you but will get an underling to blow you off.

You’d be better off working for McDonalds.

Simplify process ( who to go to if YOUR bossed boss is not listening, etc.?), & make accountability of management more of a priority.

Fire all management and replace them with capable and competent people.

Simplify more of the processes and rules. Have a question and answer website. Fix inside information

I told them good advantage of the company.and i give them good advise kindly

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