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Driver (Ancien employé) –  Dundas St. Toronto, ON31 janvier 2019
🤔 Asked me to shave my beard🧔off...completely OFF to a clean face, I tried to compromise and I told them I would shave it down but I ain't shaving it off. So basically what they're trying to say is that you won't be able to sell anything to any Customer because you have a beard? that's the saddest thing and the most discriminatory thing I've ever heard in my life when we were kids we're taught not to judge a book by it's cover that's essentially what you're doing it is up to the employee to make the customer feel as though they are a customer and appreciated it doesn't matter whether I have a beard or have a whole body full of hair I don't have tattoos on my face I don't have earrings on my face or anything like that but again even that shouldn't matter and it's discriminatory to think otherwise it's not like it was Food Services where in which case I might have to shave my beard or I would have wore a beard net I have never been asked to shave my facial hair in any interview in my life this is horrible and I hope you guys do better just know I went to CP24 with this review and I hope they review it on your show cuz I know I'm not the only one. At my last job I had customers calling my boss asking specifically for my services no one else's hit the boss said he was going to send somebody else they didn't want the work to be done they just wanted it to be me I wonder why that is play Cintas you guys just lost a really good guy and i didn't even get a chance to work for you guys BECAUSE I JAVE A BEARD 🤷‍♂️😡!! 😤😤😡🖕🏼🖕🏼
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Cant drive for them if you have a BEARD !😂😂🤣🤷‍♂️😡😤🖕🏼
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