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Senior Customer Service Representative31 avis
Canada31 avis

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3,7Équilibre vie privée/professionnelle

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Great Place to Start

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CIBC is a great place to start in the financial services industry. Company consists of many individuals who are established in the industry. CIBC fosters growth and provides great opportunities for those who want to make a presence in the financial services industry
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Dealing with clients

Work atmosphere is great, co-workers were great to work with willing to help. The help desk was a knowledgeable staff and helped as best they could. clients were great. Management understands that you have an outside life and is willing to work

Points positifs

Profit sharing, health benefits

Points négatifs

Upset clients, can be stressful
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Worst Bank in Canada

I have been working at CIBC for 2 years now and i’m yet to find a single person who is happy working for this financial institution, except the managers who i’m sure are the only ones who get paid fairly and don’t get treated badly like the rest of us. I am a Senior CSR and was promised by my managers that i would be promoted to an FSR role once a position in the branch is available within a month. Its now been 2 months, the position is available but the manager just stopped talking to me about it and refuses to hire anyone at all. They lose atleast one teller every month but refuse to hire anymore and keep blaming each other for that. If you work at CIBC you’ll hear the term “Hiring freeze” a lot which is their excuse for never hiring frontline staff. The biggest CIBC branches run with with 1 or max 2 tellers during the day and these poor tellers get nothing more than $16/hr. If in case they start hiring, they hire the worst people who don’t speak english at all. I’m not sure how they communicate during interviews. This is the worst bank in every aspect. Save yourself the trouble and find a job at another bank.

Points négatifs

Very low salary, bad work environment, low & incompetent staff, unhelpful managers.
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Everything depends on your branch/manager. Could be the best, could be the worst.

Your happiness in this job purely depends on the branch you're a part of. I was in my first branch happy as a clam! Once I moved to another branch, they didn't do things by the book (as I think a bank should do) and didn't recognize your concerns when brought to their attention. Many of the young managers were only looking out for themselves and their own advancement. No matter what that meant for the honesty of their actions. I had to leave as I couldn't agree with the dishonest workings of my branch.
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Not Great

Never go to HR - you'll be hassled or fired. No room for creative thinking and in most cases they don't seem to care about staff unless you are a manager.
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My day at work

My days at work is always fun filled. I always look forward to assist my clients with their banking need. My clientele varies from seniors clients to business clients. I learn each day as i go along about different investments and other ways of doing stuff. There is no hard part to my job and enjoy everyday serving my clients and being a team player.

Points positifs

Social activities

Points négatifs

not enough workers
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Non supportive employer

You are nothing more than a drone, expected to compete and are compared on reviews to those in branches with a different level of clientele. They tell you the client is the most important and do not give you any of the tools you need to succeed. Management above the branch level make no effort to support the branches or the employees.
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Great Company

I have a deep appreciation for cibc client focused vision. The culture and work environment is one of high spirited individuals who want to succeed and excel in their role. There are always things that need improvement, however this company is well on there way to becoming number one in client relationships
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Great bank and environment however, part-time positions don't pay enough for expense of living in this expensive city. Overall it's a good place to work as long as you have a second job.

Points positifs

Growth Opportunities, Major bank

Points négatifs

Lack of incentive
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good place to work

good place to work but only is bank are cutting down the front line staff, which is not good for the staff. now its had to get the job. higher level is very supportive and nice . help you at every step in your day to day duties. bank keep you up to date with the training
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was a great long term career

I worked for CIBC for 12 years as senior customer service representative. always setting a example to the rest of the front line team to maintain a positive and happy attitude. I retired in March of this year from CIBC but not the work force. The banking industry is changing and going more electronic the customer service related. I was ready for a new challenge.

Points positifs

great hours and staff incentives.

Points négatifs

better pay
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Typical Bank

CIBC is a good company to work for, but through my research I have found that other Financial Institutions pay more for equivalent positions. Good people work there.
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Productive place to work, great team players!

Was a great place to work! I had a great team leader and coworkers! Did great fundraising for local community .Would work there again if opportunity was there!
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professional fun environment

-high paced work environment -client service oriented -client sales and referrals target -high requirement for up-selling financial products -negative reviews if sales targets aren't met

Points positifs

socially interactive environment

Points négatifs

forced up-selling products to meet institutions financial goals
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Fast-paced, challenging workplace

Variety of clientele per day Learned skills in time management and customer service Management can be better developed. Communication between managers and branch employees can be improved
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It is a great place to work.

the individual branches need to be able to set their own targets and expectations. Not every branch is going to be successful at all targets, not every branch has the ability or access to new clients. I fully enjoyed dealing with customers and helping them with their banking issues.

Points positifs

lots of customer contact

Points négatifs

too much selling
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I rate this company overall as a four and a half out of five

Always working in a friendly, team atmosphere. Can be fast-paced at certain times of the day/month. There is opportunity to advance within this organization if you are sales oriented. My most enjoyable part of the day is the positive feedback that I receive from clients when I have provided them with a solution to their needs, issues at hand, and/or gone the extra mile to make their day. I have always enjoyed the administrative duties that I have performed as well throughout the years. I have had the luxury of being able to work in a part-time and full-time capacity to suit my needs.

Points positifs

flexible for scheduling for personal appts.

Points négatifs

not always enough staff on hand for peak period/time
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Nice People to work with!

Great place to begin a Career, you get to meet lots of people with different backgrounds and you can explore into alot of different careers paths.
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cibc experience

it is definitely a rich customer service experience . I learned so much about dealing with different types of customers. I have helped my co-workers get passed a work obstacle. but unfortunately the management team was not the best . Hours kept changing and it was almost impossible taking a day off.

Points positifs

1 hour lunch break

Points négatifs

long hours and low salary
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Good hours and STATs off.

Good hours if you work full time. Don't expect to get more hours if you only work part time and it's when they work best for CIBC not the employee. Programs are glitchy and time consuming because you have to use 5 programs at once to get something done. Training that you do has nothing to do with the job itself, so much more to it. Don't give you the tools to do your job properly and hardly any support. Good thing is you get STAT's off and decent hours. The targets are hard to meet unless you work in a busy centre, they don't take your area into consideration. Problem is the company is too big so to get one thing done it takes 10 years because it has to go through so many people for approval which doesn't work very well. You have to be the right type of person for you to succeed and enjoy your job at CIBC. The most enjoyable part of the job is the client's and if you work with great people.

Points positifs

If you work full time, hour lunch, STATS off. Normal 8-5 job for the most part

Points négatifs

Unorganized, no advancement, poor wage, no incentives unless you enjoy getting pens.
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Good organization in which to gain experience in finance and customer service.

Typical workdays vary depending on the location and time of month. I have learned how to stay organized and calm during busy periods. Management and coworkers vary from branch to branch.The hardest part of the job is maintaining composure and focus when there is a lineup and clients are angry. The most enjoyable part of the job is working with and getting to know your clients and coworkers.

Points positifs

Good benefits

Points négatifs

Rigid hours and understaffing
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