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Personal Banking Representative48 avis
Canada48 avis

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3,6Équilibre vie privée/professionnelle

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Id say this job is for people who are able to endure and have long patience. Most of the time youre dealing with irritated customers who might end up taking it out on you just because its easier to be rude to people on the phone rather than in real life. The benefits are great, But with the stress that comes along with it- i just personally couldnt take it. I dont think they do much to take care of the employee’s emotional well being either.

Points positifs

Great benefits

Points négatifs

Micro managing, unrealistic statistics, stressful
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Excellence Company as Corporate

Learn , care , educate and explore the Talent here at CIBC the company has vision to be number one and we all on this vision and purely community service based company who can understand and deliver their products and services

Points positifs

Flexible shift

Points négatifs

Work Hard
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Worst place to work at

No empathy from your managementTake advantage of how hard you work They don’t care about you and are just another employee number to themLow pay and not competitive
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Fast paced

Very fast paced with ineffective training. The team leaders also were not very supportive. Many times, there’s also favouritism in the workplace. Also no opportunities for growth.

Points positifs


Points négatifs

Long hours, work-life balance.
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Great benefits, no support

As you level up, you get less and less support (not enough training, no one available to help you at certain times of the day). But the pay and benefits are outstanding.
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Extremely fast paced Call Center work environment with PCF which then became, Simplii Financial

In a fast paced Inbound Call Center like this one, excellent communication is of vital importance, Information must be communicated consistently to All who are impacted by it, In order to know who/what is impacted by what is communicated, must be determined by ALL people who are impacted by whatever it is. Everyone impacted must be notified in a timely manner, consistently,Managers, Directors, VPs and TLs must have a working knowledge of the jobs that allnpeople reporting to them do for CIBC.

Points positifs

Well informed employees, are helpful employees because they are knowledgeable of all products and services, and Promotions, how to access current information, for all processes that impact customer service

Points négatifs

Programs like this, Lazy programmer who limits fields, but program is not smart enough, to show where errors are.
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Bait and Switch

Management is awful, They blame you for everything even when you follow a procedure. When a manager tells you how to do something and it comes back negative, you get blamed for it. The company doesn't care about their employees and has a big turnover rate. Don't recommend working here at all.
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Employees are not treated well at all.

This company is not employee oriented as they perceive themselves to be. They do not care about their employees at all. The pay is okay, but that’s about it. No effective training, ridiculous targets, poor management, and just an overall toxic work environment. No wonder the employee turnover is so high.

Points positifs

Pay is okay

Points négatifs

Long hours, poor training, stressful environment, no care for employees
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Worst place to work

Managers never satisfied, drama in the work place, not understanding and judged over mental health. What ever you do is never good enough always coached on what to do better. Don’t feel appreciated, the only good thing about the job is the co workers you meet.

Points positifs


Points négatifs

Shelly & Marsha
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good place to work but don't expect to advance

Work there was good, however if you were trying to advance the management team will start to not provide help even give you bad advice. If you enjoy doing the same thing everyday and getting yelled at by customers who think you stole their money then this call center is your place.
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They simply got a lot of clients and employees to care about individual.

In one word, they do not value their employees. I got into a car accident and they decided to get rid of me. No ethics whatsoever, the management was also horrible.
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Awesome Environment

Awesome work environment. Great benefits. Bonuses. Management is good but may need more role models/mentors. Constant learning keeps your daily life interesting.
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Violent workplace

Had a manager physically get in my face and was pressured by him and the branch manager not to go to HR. Safe to say I no longer work there, however I will always regret not going to HR. Awful place to work.
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Looks good at first but...

The company is more concerned about it's public image as a politically correct and progressive culture opposed to practicing solid business practices. Frequently found middle management inadequate to support you in the responsibilities the roll expected, more worried about their own image than supporting growth of their employees for future roles; often finding "cliques" being routinely promoted amongst qualified candidates. Performance was almost a non factor when decisions for leadership and advancement. Pay structure was revised 3 seperate times over my 5 year tenure with the business, always using corporate buzz speak to justify the legitimacy of making high earning potential harder for the staff. If you're looking for a job where you get what you put into it, avoid and seek other FI's for work.
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Poor experience working with cibc

Management doesn’t care about their employees. Micromanaged environment. Very stressful and poor management. No career advancement. Employees are treated bad
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Worked at their call center when Simplii was PC Financial, too much micro management.

Worked at their call center when Simplii was PC Financial, too much micro management. That was more than 2 years back, I am hoping the work culture has changed. Then again this was PCF/Simplii, I have heard good things about CIBC's main call center.
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fun time

my time at cibc was fun and i got to meet a lot of people over 4 years of my life. thank you CIBC. i started off as a bank teller and moved up from there.
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Excellent management

Amazing work environment, great pay. Due to it being a great place to work there is a large number of tenered staff, making it difficult to get ideal shifts.

Points positifs

Amazing management, great pay, benefits

Points négatifs

Shift bidding
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Career Start

-Not a terrible place to work when you're first starting your career -It is a very top heavy business -Bit of a boys club when considering upper management

Points positifs

Decent benefits

Points négatifs

More focus on who you are and who you know rather than what you can do
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Good benefits Friendly and helpful employees Slow pace feild training Opportunities for recent graduates Opportunities for advancement Change of pace are available if one is willing to relocate

Points positifs

Good culture

Points négatifs

Slow pace of training
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Best company I've worked for

This company is amazing, I can't say enough good things about them. From management to work-life balance everything about them is awesome. So happy that I had the opportunity to work for them and I hope to return someday.
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Personal Banking Representative chez CIBC

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