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Mortgage Advisor41 avis
Canada41 avis

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3,7Équilibre vie privée/professionnelle

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Too much work for the pay. Company mainly cares about sales volume and not the people.

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Support was lackingSales targets are difficultPay isn't great Systems and processes need work as I often felt like the majority of my time was wasted.
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Toxic culture

Toxic, clichy, management only looks out for their own self instead of pleading people. If you have any mental health issues you are pushed out the door.
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Management is challenged with solving realistic problems

Work without recognition all hours and weekends. Hyper micro management in place and little value for the employee view point. Great team though and good benefits
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Stressful but fruitful

High paced very sales oriented roles can be stressful if not managed and handled properly. Very sensitive situations can happen from smallest lf things.
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Competetive workplace

CIBC is a fast-paced company to work. Employees need to work effectively in a competetive area. Sales are very important and target-based appraisal can help anybody to move fast.
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Great place to start in finance. High pressure sales environment.

Learned a lot about banking, finances, and corporate environment. Lots of training resources, but not as much coaching as there could be. I found that the high turnover of branch staff led to most of my job dissatisfaction. The fact that we were constantly training new hires, also meant that the higher level servicing tasks fell to the longest tenured employee. It was difficult to maintain sales excellence while also doing more than your fair share of non-revenue generating tasks. That said, I have been out of the branch environment for 4 years. I very much have enjoyed working in the Mobile Advice channel.

Points positifs

Great benefits

Points négatifs

high turnover and understaffing
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work review

great place to work. good work family balance. knowledgeable management. Extremely helpful support team. high sakes expectations. overall positive experience.
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Support from colleagues and the manager

Good and supportive enviroment, fast paced, large learning curve on the systems with support on the intranet and dedicated staff on the phone. Good and frendly manager Hardest part is to learn all different systems with in the different departments Good, fun and relaxing meetings. always willing to help
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Amazing company

CIBC is an amazing company to work for. They definitely take care of their employees. It is probably the best bank you can work for. I would definitely recommend.
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Management would rather find blame versus finding solution for clients. Existing process to assist with client situations (issues) is broken all issue regardless the size must be escalated to Ontario and the client care department only after making the client discuss the issue to the sales person then the manager then the senior manager who then refers to Ontario client care department for resolution and

Points positifs


Points négatifs

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Its was fun working in the bank. Its was like a family in my branch.

I enjoyed working in the bank and will go back if need be. I still see CIBCas the best place to work and I dont regret working there for almost 4 years.

Points positifs

Always a free lunch espevially when Sri Rao was the branch zManager.

Points négatifs

It was up to me. The hours are open to workers. If there are customers, i do long hours and i enjoyed it.
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start my work day

Start my work day early at 8:00 am to check my email. leave home to work at the nearby branch from 9:00 - 1:00 pm. Lunch and visit my COI, potential mortgage clients & other branch colleagues. Go home at 3:00 pm to work my existing or new file. finish at around 6:00 pm.

Points positifs

time management by myself

Points négatifs

long hours of work even 6 or 7 days a week.
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productive and fun workplace

fun working at this company with great environment, willing to learn more and more every day to achieve your goals. the most fun part of the job was meeting with customers face to face to advise them about their mortgage options.

Points positifs

advising clients

Points négatifs

long Driving
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Overall a fair employer

Work culture varies from department to department. some departments encourage fun at workplace to generate productivity while others are strictly business like and closely monitor the activities of the employees.
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set your own hours

Mobile mortgage advisors are able to work from home or any branch in their designated area. The ability to connect with both clients and realtors, investors, colleagues, proves to be profitable.

Points positifs

creating your own schedule

Points négatifs

long hours
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Revenue driven at the expense of customer service

I think this is a given at any bank. I do appreciate the skills and education I obtained at my time with CIBC. I was able to hold numerous positions that gave me a well rounded view of the banking industry as a whole.
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CIBC provided an average work setting.

Although my position was a Mortgage Advisor was a commissioned position. CIBC like the other 4 big banks rates average,Although my office was at my home, I located myself in the branch on the weekends I did get to know the staff quite well and they referred clients to me.
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Fun place to build a career in the financial industry

CIBC is a good place to build a career in the financial industry. When i moved into Canada in 2010 without an Banking or sales experience, the hired me and its been 8 years and going.
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CIBC is a nice place to work at. I enjoy every moment working at such great bank! I have learned a lot through my work at CIBC. It strives to make better and better.
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Good work place Environment

CIBC is a leading global financial institution providing a full suite of products and services to over 11 million clients. I learned a lot of thing from CIBC but mostly I have learned is how to satisfy customers with their happy face. also, I learned Good admin skill.
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Not a bad place to work

Having worked with the bank for over 15 years, I can't compare to any other employer. In my current role, there is a good lie / work balance. I have a great manager and a great team as well.
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