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Long hours and endless training

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A very long training process. Very strict break and lunch hours which I wish someone was able to let me know before I got hired. 30 min lunch is wayyy too short.
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Productive workplace

Working at CIBC has been an incredibly productive experience. The environment fosters a strong sense of collaboration and efficiency, allowing team members to seamlessly work together towards common goals. From well-designed workspaces to efficient communication channels, every aspect of the workplace is geared towards maximizing productivity.
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Supportive Team, Endless Growth Opportunities

CIBC is definitely a great place to work, it is an added benefit when you have a team with great sense of humor, I would definitely recommend getting a job there, as there are lot of great opportunities and you always get credit for your hardwork.
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Nice people

The culture at CIBC is one of inclusivity and diversity, where employees are valued for their unique perspectives and contributions. I have had the privilege of working alongside colleagues from diverse backgrounds, each bringing their own expertise and insights to the table. This collaborative atmosphere not only enhances the quality of service we provide to our clients but also fosters a sense of belonging and camaraderie among team members.
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Fun workplace

Pay is just okay, bonuses and excellent team leaders.Good place for learning.They are always looking for nee ways to merge departments though and give employees more work
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Toxic and nepotism in all aspects

They do not have interviews for Branch Manager level. Everything goes by selection. They apply unrealistic pressure on the floor employees while branch managers or community managers do not solicit businesses from local businesses etc. Company focus is in extreme level employees tracking. In community calls they do not hesitate to humiliate anyone for low numbers. People have to wait over a month if their computer breaks and no loaners they provide.Zero trust in HR and there is no such thing as confidentiality. Culture is gossip based and ‘love your boss’ based promotions. 70% focus on sales and 30% on services. Worst banking service they provide.Stay away if you can. Worst place to work.
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Decent workplace

Working at CIBC as a financial service representative offers a dynamic environment where employees assist clients with banking needs, provide financial advice, and promote banking solutions. The company prioritizes employee development through comprehensive training programs and fosters a collaborative and inclusive work culture. Opportunities for career advancement abound, with internal promotions, lateral moves, and specialized training programs available. Benefits include competitive salaries, health insurance, retirement plans, and various wellness programs. While challenges like managing client inquiries and meeting sales targets exist, the supportive work environment helps employees overcome them. Overall, working at CIBC provides a rewarding experience for individuals passionate about finance and customer service, offering a platform for professional growth and making a positive impact on clients' financial well-being.
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Ok place to start your career

Targets can be aggressive for new employees, it really depends on your manager and coworkers to provide help if you are not familiar with the system and procedure.
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Bad shift management and overworked staff

Management completely not good, recently implemented AI model to monitor us every second, which is a messpoor shift rotation and all of the staff are overworked
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Worst place to work

No work culture no team bonding nothing. If you are working for this position all you have to do is take call after call. Don’t even give you time to take a breath after call if you take 1 min after call that’s work avoidance for them no team meeting nothing. The management don’t care. All they want is do sell and take calls that’s all
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Would not recommend

Don't want to make this too long so Ill get straight to the point. TOXIC work environment. Out of the 25 people who started with me in June 2021, only 5 (FIVE) people still work for the company. Unrealistic sales targets, disgusting sales strategies(dang near harassing every customer you speak to to sell them something whether they need it or not), ZERO work-life balance, micromanagement daily, unhelpful HR(who allow bullying in the workplace), unqualified management who run off of favouritism (usually based off of your race) and no room for true advancement. Im grateful to have gained “banking experience” but would absolutely not recommend.

Points positifs

Health insurance

Points négatifs

Toxic all around.
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Good benefits but poor working environment

Very stressful work and without any career prospects. Every agent's workload is overloaded. Even with a good salary, it is not worth it. Management seems not going to resolve the chaotic environment in short time.
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Really productive and fun place to work

Awwsome place to work. I really enjoy working there. We have a really good team and each of us is really helpful. I will give 10/10. Its muxed culture everyone cares for each other.

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I don't see any
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Bad on-boarding great work family

The on boarding process was rough but the people make it manageable. Training program does the bare minimum to prepare you for the systems you will use and a lot of it is fake it till you make it
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Very busy and stressful

They dont hire enough people and put all the pressure on you and its really stressful environment. Willing to work for less than to work in such an environment. ( because of them not hiring enough people they don’t approve any vacation for you as well)
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The job is OK. Some callers are rude. Some supervisors are pushy. There are stress. There are opportunities. My current supervisor made me uncomfortable multiple times.
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OK to Start off

Depending on the branch you are placed your training will be affected, I f you get a leader who is handson and through with systems you will learn quickly. Generally OK but Annual Salary increments are appauling

Points positifs

Decent work life balance

Points négatifs

Have to put long hours in sales, Increments are absurd, less than 2% per year even when performance review was above expectation
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Stressful and not good environment

There is no regard for the employee ,no followup strategy for pending work , no taking or handing over for new joinees it was a very big disappointing experience and the managers are pathetic

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Points négatifs

Office politics is too much and managers are non cooperative
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was good an year before but now the only focus is sales

i work at telephone banking side of business. my manager gets pressurized from his manager and the pressure comes to us for sales and cuurently not a healthy place to work
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felt singled out

High sale pressures, had 2 level ul manager that didn't focus on full performance just focused on their favorites and praised them alone. Initial training was good but failed after
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Terrible Work Culture

Worked in the Halifax Contact Centre. Management lacked empathy and the company did not care for staff. They pretend to but in the grand scheme they are different from the others. Low pay compared to other banks. The scheduling is based on seniority, so hours are brutal for new hires. Unequitable and based on how much managers like you personally. Company lacks job security as the bank is currently undergoing mass layoffs. Stocks are currently trash. Management sucks. Great coworkers that care and help you grow. Offers great employee benefits

Points positifs

Great team members, Occasional rewards from company, Employee Share Play to help save, Great benefits

Points négatifs

Micromanagers, Pay is low, Hours unideal for new hires, Poor management, Does not genuinely care for staff, Lacks job security
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Financial Representative chez CIBC

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