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3,7Équilibre vie privée/professionnelle

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Both pros and cons, overall a good learning experience

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While they will grind you until you get results, they genuinely do care about you and your growth. I did have good work-life balance, great team, and supportive managers. Pay was extremely low. Good benefits though.
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Ugh no thanks

The company should use LEAN processes in their branches to make tasks efficient. Computer system outages hindered working on a regular basis. The Manager doesn’t like people and that includes staff so everyone can feel it.
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Gooo Work Environment

If you love helping people with their financial needs then look no further, nothing but good things to say about the staff and management, Tough working at the Pearson Airport for security checks but all in all pay is fair and management supports your career development for promotions.
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A good place to start your banking career

It’s a good place to start if you want to join the banking industry. You will learn the related banking knowledges as well as the local market. Pretty good platform for those who wants to start their career with finance industry
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not fun work place at

Micromanaged, was encouraged to speak up by HR - told “we will support you” - things only get worse after you speak up, no confidentiality. Terrible leadership in upper management - they keep toxic RVPs and lose good, long tenured staff. Terrible culture, all they care about making their billions no matter what it does to the health of their employeesManagement is horrible with no ethics. Management can do what ever they want.

Points positifs

no pros

Points négatifs

very stressful
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Cibc fsr

Pay is good. Benefit package is basic. If you are single with no dependents that should be enough. Workplace culture strives to be positive, with free lunches, encouraging donations and volunteering. The most enjoyable part of the job is socializing with people. You get a sense of accomplishment as you help them achieve their goals.Training is comprehensive. The hardest part of the role has to do with most banks guaranteeing tellers only 15 hours, which leads to high turnover. FSRs work extra to assist because they don't want to leave clients with a bad impression. Bank expects everyone to work as a team and fill in as needed. In what manner does not get communicated too clearly, leaving you with a lot of ambiguity over your job duties. Certain people don't do things, especially if they hold higher level roles or if they quit and rejoined. People may get shifted and demoted as branches unfortunately undergo organizational changes and closures due to lack of traffic and the modern digital banking advancements.Sales targets are hard to meet. You are accountable for mortgages, lines of credit, credit cards, insurance, investments/mutual funds and bank accounts. Most of the bulk is on servicing estate files, powers of attorney, adding people joint on accounts, paying bills, depositing checks and teaching clients how to use online banking & ATM.Job is stressful because you are in contact with some demanding clients. You have to endure a lot, including people who are unhappy with the bank, hanging up on you, insulting you or fearing you are a scammer and declining to speak - 
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Good environment

Benefits are good, pay is better than competitors. Can be very fast paced. Certain quotas are expected to be metManagement is not the greatest for telephone banking sector.
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very stressful and under paid.

It’s very stressful to work as FSR in the branch. It always short of people and high turnover rate. With no teller branch, advisor will need to stand in the lobby helping out with transactions. At the same time, need to have meetings to meet targets.

Points positifs

With medical benefit

Points négatifs

Stressful and long hours
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Good place to work overall, high staff turnovers

Good place to work for the most part. High staff and management turnover. Good benefits. As with most financial institutions high sales expectations.
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Stressful workplace but you learn alot

The job is stressful and demanding, management micromanages and changes your schedule as they wish. Benefits are great though! Salary is also ok depending on your position.
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Team members are very helpful. Stressful work environment. Staff turnover is very high. Good place to get entry level experience. You basically teach yourself the job.
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Nice place to work if you have a good manager

Cibc is one of the best banks which can help you grow along the time. The management is really good although it depends on your manager but employees are underpaid.

Points positifs


Points négatifs

Pay scale
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Fun Environment but Stressful Job

Work Life balance was very difficult as shift changed every couple of months. Being newer means working awful hours. I was eventually put on a 5pm to 1am shift Tuesday to Saturday and hated every minute of it. Collogues were nice and there were very knowledgeable team leads.Having management tap into your phone to at any given point cause anxiety but for quality assurance was fair.
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Sales and goals oriented

Can be very stressful. You are expected to achieve a lot and make the numbers when little support is given. You think you are a banker but you are just a salesperson like any other job.
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Easy work, not very fulfilling. Upselling client's who believe you are working in their best interest.

Job consists of selling banking products to clients. The overall job is very relaxed if you are able to hit your targets. The job is all about ticking the boxes and that is all management wants from its employees.
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Good starting point for career.

Lots of possibly if you want to really grow. Good benefits and work culture. Sometimes stressful. Highly dependant on immediate supervisor.Work from home option available
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No work life balance . The shifts are awful unless you’ve been there for over 10 years

No work like balance , always working weekends . Sales department is high stress . If your not friends with the managers your time will not be as enjoyable. Very cliquey.

Points positifs

Salary is good

Points négatifs

No work like balance
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Workplace can be stressful

I feel that the expectations that are set on people in my department to measure our metrics is unrealistic. Since the years that I started they told micromanage a lot more in my Dept.

Points positifs

Job security

Points négatifs

Not competitive pay
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Depending on the team, good overall

Good overall. Really depends on the team that you are with and the branch. A bit cheap when it comes to pay for licences but other than that really supportive
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Worked at 2 CIBC branch. Decent work, overall decent place to work. Salary a bit low, benefits are nice.

At work you learn a lot about finance. Daily task include outbound calls and servicing existing clients.Work culture is goodHardest part of job and any complaints, CIBC take customer side and a write you, you lose your bonus right away.Most enjoyable is some client are fun to speak to face to face and banking center are not that busy lately.

Points positifs

You do have some free time when it is not busy.

Points négatifs

You lose your bonus if they don't like you or if customer file complaint
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I will recommend CIBC

I really enjoyed my time as an FSR with CIBC. Great support from my team leader. Even though the work-life balance was terrible, I learned a lot of things that have greatly shaped my life and career.

Points positifs

- Great team support - Good pay

Points négatifs

- Very stressful - Poor work-life balance
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