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Financial Advisor92 avis
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3,6Équilibre vie privée/professionnelle

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Its okay

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Money is not good and work was stressful as they set deadline for people to meet every week. cold calls suck and doesn't really work well. they ask you to seel credit cards to seniors over 85
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Decent place to work

It comes with a defined benefit pension plan after 2 years of service. No other bank in the industry is doing this from the top 6. So even if you are lower paid, take that into consideration and it can be worth it.
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Good training program

I enjoyed my time with CIBC. Their training program was very in-depth and there was lots of support and opportunities for growth and advancement for those interested.
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Great place to work, good environment and lots of places to explore with friendly staff members and manager to ask for advice. Would recommend this place
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I appreciated the time I worked there and am happy to be retired.

What is the best part of working at the company?Flexibility when I needed it. Fair compensation. What is the most stressful part about working at the company?Was able to work longer shifts in order to complete tasks efficiently and was compensated with time off for the extra hours worked. What is the work environment and culture like at the company?When I worked there it was a good place and loved working with other co-workers. What is a typical day like for you at the company?Was provided the time required to complete tasks. Was able to work independently with minimal supervision. As long as work got done.
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Reputable company, client orientated and employee benefits

What is the best part of working at the company?Benefits, vacation days, sick days, What is the most stressful part about working at the company?Expectations of achieving unrealistic targets. Having leaders with no people or communication skills and big egos.What is the work environment and culture like at the company?Excellent culture and diversity. Leaders need more training in communication and people skillsWhat is a typical day like for you at the company?Emails, calls, and maintenance of applications
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very good

excellent work place, supportive managers, never too stressed at the end of the day. The targets are also not very difficult to achieve. The only thing hard was entry in the bank
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Don’t work here

Don’t recommend working here. You are a number, not a human. They only care when you are a high performer, willing to sacrifice your entire life to the company.
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Productive and fun workplace

CIBC is a great company to work for I like the people I work with the workplace is very inclusive. I feel safe. Also, the work is fun you learn a lot about financial products. The cons is that you have to put in a lot of hours and it is hard to make a lot of money.
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good place to work

okay place to work at could be better but the place does offer great benefits. great learning opportunities and some career advancement is also offered.
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Fantastic with freedom

It’s great! The team that I am on is very casual and focused but allows for great work / life balance. Technology is a bit dated company wide but I think that’s normal for all chartered banks
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Good place to work

Overall, a good corporate environment to work, learn and grow with the team. I enjoyed my experience there serving customers and keep learning about different financial products to sell.
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Great work life balance

Started work 9 months ago after moving on from another financial institution. The benefits and employee programs are great. They have a great employee advance program.
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Excellent bank to work for!!

I highly recommend working at CIBC. The FA role is challenging role but one that'll keep you on your feet and you'll learn something new everyday. The senior management is friendly and approachable. There is lots of support available via partners and employee support call centre.
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Insane Demands and Pressure

The most demotivating and energy-sucking environment you can possibly work in. What management calls support is actually a totalitarian effort to monopolize control of every minute of your day. Stay away, get a job anywhere else doing anything else.
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Straight Forward Career Advancement

Straight forward career advancement in the branch. Good health and retirement benefits such as rrsp contribution. Lots of career opportunities for branch.

Points positifs

steady career

Points négatifs

client interaction
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over worked under paid

always felt like I had too much to do and no help. no one could help because we were all in the same situation. some managers were amazing others were awful. culture is pretty negative

Points positifs

employee banking offer

Points négatifs

long hours
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Good pay but targets makes you sick every day

Good pay but it really depends how well you perform in your role . Too much politics. Targets are achievable . Good work culture but no work life balance
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Heavy workload and admin

Pay is solid but the anount of admin work is mindblowing. I spend at least 75% of my time doing admin work, and always coming early/ staying late to catch up on all the unnecessary metrics they judge you on.
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Heavy workload

It’s an ok place to work but the workload is high, there is no way to meet expectations in a normal work day causing you to work long hours. You’re tracked on too many metrics. Salary is good but if you factor the many extra hours needed it seems less worth it. Work life balance isn’t great.
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Used to be great, not so much anymore

Great management for several years and then a terrible one came in. Complaints to upper management ignored. I quit and got a better job at a different FI immediately, they offered me more money than I asked for, waived my probation period, and it's much better elsewhere.
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Financial Advisor chez CIBC

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65 329 $ par an

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