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Customer Service Representative467 avis
Canada467 avis

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3,7Équilibre vie privée/professionnelle

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No respect from colleagues and no advancement

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I was transferred from one CIBC to another due to my husband moving for work. Although I was promised a job once I moved, I was told there was a hiring freeze and I didn’t have a job. After 3 months I was offered a part time teller position with promises of getting a lending job soon. I was not offered that lending job until a week prior to starting a new job.
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Great co-workers and supportive management

I would highly recommend this company to fellow students because the management is very flexible and understanding when it comes to taking days off for school related activities. The co workers are also very friendly and helpful. The wage is also much higher than most entry level positions so overall it is a great place to work.
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Great place to work

It is overall great place to work. But you have to competitive to sustain . Managers are good and there are lots of growth opportunities out here. Overall it is great place to work
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Not great

Covid bonus pay was nice. No support from management, chaotic, stressful and busy at all times. Given great responsibility but was not compensated fairly for my duties.
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My Branch manager is so warm and friendly.

The work culture is amazing and staffs always want to help. This conclusion is drawn from my own branch just incase it’s different from your’s. My colleagues were super helpful and warm. Saturday banking is available because the branch puts customers first.

Points positifs

Healthy work environment

Points négatifs

Transfer from one location to another is hard.
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Rubbish Company

This Company is a worst place to work for. They don’t pay their employees bonus, if you are promised and fire you when there is not much work. I wish I could take this to higher level and show them what is going on internally within the managers. They don’t care about their employees, SO MUCH PARTIALITY WITHIN THE COMPANY . GARBAGE COMPANY
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They don't pay enough for what you do

Can only speak to customer service representative. The job is usually very busy, back to back calls. No room to breathe at all. Difficult to manage life stress with this job. Only great thing is it is remote. Saves money on gas. But outside of that, it's not great. Very repetitive, work culture is very competitve. I wouldn't recommend this job unless you really need it.
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Good culture

Good culture. Nice and understanding managers. Good benefits. Reasonably Competitive salary. Collaborative team environment.Work from home environment.
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Not a great experience

Wouldn’t recommend. Very busy, little support from management. Worked full time temporary but got paid less than part time permanent employees. Benefits could be better
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Thank goodness for the old staff that's in other rolls now but trying to help us all new staff because nobody cares

Not a fun place! Horrible manager that doesn't know anything and doesn't want to, just complains. Complains all the time never complementary! Only if he likes you or wants that person to do everything! Doesn't have any customer service and then wants to tell you how to be around clients, it's the most messed up place I've worked and I'm talking about 40 yrs of working! They made me doubt myself and feel horrible, never would stay in that environment so I left!

Points positifs

Weekends off

Points négatifs

Worse unorganized place I've ever worked! Horrible management and training
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Call center job

training is thorough but the management needs help. long wait times very repetitive over 60-80 calls a day, same procedure every day. this will make you fall asleep
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Great place to work

Great place to work, great staff, very good training, great place to gain experience in a fun fast paced environment. Throughly enjoyed my time here.
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Good to get your first banking job for a year and then move on. Bad management.

Good to get your first banking job for a year and then move on. Bad management.Very sales oriented pressure whether you’re a CSR or FSR. You’re expected to push products on clients even if it’s clearly not in their best financial interests.High turnover rate. You’re also actively expected to push clients to using digital services rather than coming in, essentially working to phase you out of a job someday.

Points positifs

Other staff were really nice

Points négatifs

very stressful for sub-par pay
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High intensity, hyper focused on stats, no guidance for success.

Management is usually only there to get bonuses and move on to higher rolls as fast as possible and it causes disconnect between what is actually needed to make the job easy. Because the tools and assistance are all walled away you’re often stuck with minimal help from other team members, if any at all, to make a judgement call to how to manage someone’s money. The bank’s ideals and service guidelines exist only as a talking point for management. There is zero connection to how well you work vs simply disposing of calls as fast as possible.
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excellent working environment

Feeling proud te be a member of CIBC. All the staff are very helpfull and excellent working environment. Nice place for starting carrier in Banking sector
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Not great pay for the work you do

Wage is not great for the work you do. Was a fairly enjoyable job until they brought it a very high sales target. Hours were good. Underappreciated. Consistently understaffed.

Points positifs

Work hours, benefits

Points négatifs

Extra workload due to staffing shortages, low wages, sales pressure
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Good for New Grads

Good company to start your career with. Many internal advancement opportunities. Sometimes dealing with difficult customers can be tough, but overall a good place for work.
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Fun place to work

Cibc is a great place to meet new friends Managers are great to work with Training is well done and maintained Would consider going back if pay was better
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Productive fast-paced work environment

It was quite a good experience working there, learnt new things & opportunity to enhance sales by meeting different people from all walks of life.The best part was seeing a smile on customer’s face when u resolved their issues amicably.
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I recommend it

Fast faced work environment. Good opportunity for growth. Only criticism are the clients are awful but that is like most customer service jobs. You are supported well by your colleagues.
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The activities are easy to perform, schedules are very respectful of your times off, they are very flexible and they pay is good compared to similar job positions on other companies. The only con I see is that most of the time is back to back, which can cause some customers to be very angry at waiting times. This is something that is being tried to change by bringing more workers.
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