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Business Analyst52 avis
Canada52 avis

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3,6Équilibre vie privée/professionnelle

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Low pay compared to other FI's

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Very stressful environment. Hybrid model leans towards in office work rather than at home. For the pay this is definitely not worth it. Definitely try another FI first
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Best place to work

CIBC has the best work culture and great management with foresight for technology. 4 out of 5 days are remote and managers and directors are very supportive and look out for your career advancement.
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good work life balance

chill management, good work life balance with benefits . lots of opportunity to grow with in the organization , learning resources are available as well
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Nice place to work. I never had any issues right in the heart of downtown. nice technologies used by the company to move ahead of competition. SO ya overall good
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Working culture is good

I like the working culture and life-work balance. But the projects are moving slow due to funding issues. Working remotely and one day in the office is great opportunity.
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Nice place

I have worked with different teams during co-op. The first manager was really nice, encouraging, and very supportive. The second team wasn't really nice to work with.
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Steady slow Bank

It’s a steady coming. But depends on the stream your in. If it’s the wrong area you may die on the vine. If it’s the right area you will stay busy and work.

Points positifs

Steady income and expectations

Points négatifs

Large corporate culture
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I think that is a great place to work. Wonderful experience

The workload is suitable, even at first a little stressed out to catch everything, but the workmate is so nice and everyone was willing to help. Such a good internships experience.
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Good but competitive and stressful.

You good the chance to learn But it super stressful.In would say it is important to understand your manager and his expectations. If you have a bad one, you will have a hard time else you will be lucky. Mine was good and supportive. Although there was a load of work but it gave me the opportunity to learn a lot.

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Leaders lead by example

After working here for almost 5 years, I wanna say, if I ever become a boss I wanna be a boss like my bosses. The colleagues are also very helpful.This place is amazing.

Points positifs

Great managers and colleagues

Points négatifs

Long sitting hours
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Fun Workplace

I honestly don't know why u think its compulsory to type this. You ought to make this an option not mandatory. You cannot make people type this. They would dimply not type what you want them to type.
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Productive place to work

Interesting colleagues. Enjoyed coming to work every day. The Business analysis role made it interesting since I had to organize training. Work life balance was good
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CIBC is downsizing significantly due to bad management and greed.

I worked here for 7 years! Business Analyst, Tech & Operations. Many hard working employees are getting laid-off due to bad executive business decisions and for corporate greed to enhance profits. It's all about the bottom line for CIBC - employees are not valued! I would not recommend CIBC.
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great team but no longer exist in the same capacity

Team has changed over the years and no longer exist as the high performing team of past. The team was high performing with excellence intra-personal relationships. Management support was excellent.
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Nice place to work

It is a nice place to work but too crowd and there is not enough sit for the worker, the management style is pretty friendly, the hierarchi is flat across the company
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Good place to learn

I enjoyed my time at CIBC as a coop student. The coop department organised some great events on a monthly basis. They even had a coop social committee that I was part of.
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Okay place to work

Poor employee engagement and lack of leadership Project management support is lacking Collaboration between departments is usually positive High turnover lead to low employee morale

Points positifs

Opportunities for advancment

Points négatifs

Disorganized corporate culture
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CIBC is a good place

I liked working at CIBC Manager was great Friendly staff Fun exciting projects Great location Organized company Lots of opportunities and projects Good compensation
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Fun Workplace to work with

At this time, we had a great management team and very friendly work environment. There were many opportunities to grow with the department with management support.
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Fun work place

I have worked with CIBC and have absolutely no complain. And i had a great experience working for CIBC. This is a geat company to work with. i have absolutely no regret.
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Diverse, stable and thorough

CIBC Wealth Management offers an open environment for their employees. I have learned a great deal as their processes to run their business is well established and mature.
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Business Analyst chez CIBC

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64 149 $ par an

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