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Vancouver, BC72 avis

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3,7Équilibre vie privée/professionnelle

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Good place to work. Most people are helpful and friendly.

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Good place to work, but you need a good manager because you rely on them heavily at first. In the mortgage biz, you need to have leads to get business and its a very competitive industry. The bank has their own leads and if you develop relationships within the branch, you will get referrals.

Points positifs

Good share program

Points négatifs

Can be lonely
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Pay Good, Mgmt Horrible

Pay is good, benefits good.Management horrible people with no ethics. The culture is fake and contrived. The physical work environment is demotivating and outdated.
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Joke organization

They file people without notice or reason. No stability and abuse from managers. Shameful organization especially for a huge bank. Do not work for at all costs.
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Business first and then human concerns after

Worked as a credit counsellor for 4 years and had a hard time achieving personal goals (e.g. continued studies) and balancing work life balance. The needs of the business comes first, then the client, then you. Working during the pandemic was really difficult since the main concern the management had were the numbers and quality of calls, since so many client were having financial difficulties due to the pandemic - and not considering the fact that every individual credit counsellor may also be struggling. There was a disconnect with employees and the management team. One can share their concerns about processes with the job and possibly offer to look into a solution - but these conversations would be quickly shut down and you would have to struggle with unsustainable processes and feel like you are not heard. If it’s not broke, no need to fix it. Your value in the company is determined by your stats, not you as a human. Processes would be introduced but it quickly become apparent that the new processes is still in a trail phase and does not work properly, causing unnecessary stress for all parties involved. Company will not give you a budget to set up work from home office.

Points positifs

Good learning experience for dealing with different types of clients

Points négatifs

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toxic culture

it is all about numbers , dont matter how you get them, as longer you dont get in trouble by clients. because even managers know that you cant hit those numbers, so do whatever it takes, make sure you dont screw up.
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Meritocracy at its finest

CIBC is a good place to get your foot in the door in the baking industry with a competitive salary and standard benefits you'd expect. Focus on sales is incredible considering the company eliminated variable compensation structure. Be prepared for a lot of planning, redundant meetings and the occasional happy client.
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Poor experience. Low pay.

Bad people management. No support. Unrealistic expectations. Putting people against each other. Toxic work environment. LOW WAGE. Recognizing people without appreciating they’re hard work. The only reward for good work is more work.

Points positifs

Work from home

Points négatifs

Basically a sweatshop. Low wages. No career advancement.
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Credit officer

Nice company .good coworkers. Nice environment. Helpful management . I recommend to all my friends.Nice cultural environment and. Encouragement. From management
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Great work experience

It's a great place to work as a student. It's easy to move around, open to change and really flexible to grow. Good training for new hires and management is supportive of staff.

Points positifs

Good benefits and great work experience

Points négatifs

some managers can micromanage
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Not fun to work there

Not a supportive and not a rewarding environment to spend one’s time. I will not recommend. Not a place to work for one who is seeking appreciation for loyalty and good performance. Management is not truthful, cultivates favouritism.
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fast pace stressful environment

there is no formal training but you will be expected to perform the tasks of 2-3 people at any given time. Previously I was informed but those were reduced due costs. You will need to create a work environment where you are comfortable micromanging your team. And motivate them to hit the necessary benchmarks. The benefits are nice but similar to any bank.
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A great company to work for.

I had a 47 year career with CIBC. There were many opportunities for me to advance my career starting with my experience at the branch level and continuing with VISA centre where I was so fortunate to be involved in so many aspects of CIBC.
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Banks suck the life out of you

Everything is based on targets and you're not looked as a person with feelings. They make you work like robots by making 20 calls per hour and then want you to bring a personal touch to each call and do everything perfectly. Micromanagement to the core and even washroom breaks are being monitored and they will call you out on everything from washroom breaks to any personal break you take for yourself.

Points positifs


Points négatifs

Too much focus on targets
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Gain knowledge but underpaid

Required to learn anything related to retail banking but being paid less than other banks. Work environment is competitive, managers always encourage us to perform better and improve. Consistently monitor our performance and provide feedback
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Sales is a priority

Sales sales sales sales ! Oh I forgot, sales . It doesn’t matter if the client needs the financial product or not. Somehow, You have to reach your quota and you have to figure out how to do it.
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No training - high expectations.

Everything is expected even without FSRDP. I think more training should be given and then expectations should be placed. Manager knows nothing about banking and manipulates to show she knows.
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Job security is very low.

No matter how long you’ve been, whether if you are in a branch or in a department, once they have changes they will cut off people, not for progress, but for their cost cutting.
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This used to be a great company to work for.

The culture has changed for the worse. Too many competing priorities and a very ‘top down’ approach. You can also not speak up if you are overwhelmed. No one wants to hear any feedback.
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Productive work place

Working with CIBC as a bank teller was very well structured. Learning programs were allotted time to train and understand the company itself and teller duties. Efficient team environment. The employees that work there make the busy, high-intensity work environment barely manageable.
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Overall a good job

Learned a lot at this company. Management is amazing and fully supportive. The company itself is concentrated on the growth and development of their employees. Great benefits as well.
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Financial Services Specialist

Basically, the worse thing that have ever happened to me and I do not wish to my worse enemy. I delivered great results and I have never received any commission or recognition. It is a pain to have to put this experience in my resume. Maybe, you will find a better division, but mine is a no-go for sure.

Points positifs

stable salary, some medical benefits

Points négatifs

crazy schedules, no commission, lack of recognition, highly unprofessional
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