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3,6Équilibre vie privée/professionnelle

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Culture axee sur l'experience client et le travail d'equipe
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Dependent on manager

A good workplace to start out with, but your career growth may depend on your manager. Career progression might take longer than expected, and work hours may vary depending on the department.
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I loved working there

What is the best part of working at the company?Like any organization, it comes down to who your manager is. I was fortunate to have wonderful managers at CIBC. What is the most stressful part about working at the company?Sometimes, timelines are compressed, and work needs to be accelerated. In these cases working with stakeholders and being transparent helps ensure everyone is aligned. What is the work environment and culture like at the company?The culture can sometimes be siloed; however, as an individual, you should establish relationships with team members from other lines of business. What is a typical day like for you at the company?Monitoring my team's progress and report became very routine for me. Conducting status meetings (too many) and removing roadblocks for team members. Risk Management - Budget Management - Client Management
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Toxic Capital Markets

Extremely Toxic trading floor, but you get compensated very generously. Benefits are strong as well, expect almost no work life balance, but you will learn a lot.
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Long hours and endless training

A very long training process. Very strict break and lunch hours which I wish someone was able to let me know before I got hired. 30 min lunch is wayyy too short.
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Great place, good benefits,

As long as you get a good supportive manager, great place to pay, pay structure is weak though like all the big banks but aside from that great place.
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Work Environment

No match to the pay and the amount of work expected from you. There is no life. It is just work after joining CIBC. A lot of negative and toxic people
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Good place to work, strong work culture, top bank.

I enjoyed going to work, to support operations and distribution. It felt good to assist clients on a daily basis. There were a lot of opportunities for learning and acquiring product knowledge. It helped also that I had a rapport with most managers and directors.
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Productive workplace

Working at CIBC has been an incredibly productive experience. The environment fosters a strong sense of collaboration and efficiency, allowing team members to seamlessly work together towards common goals. From well-designed workspaces to efficient communication channels, every aspect of the workplace is geared towards maximizing productivity.
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Supportive Team, Endless Growth Opportunities

CIBC is definitely a great place to work, it is an added benefit when you have a team with great sense of humor, I would definitely recommend getting a job there, as there are lot of great opportunities and you always get credit for your hardwork.
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Great place to work with amazing co-workers! Work can be demanding at times but people around you make it a fun environment! Salary can also be competitive depending on the role.
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Independent work

Amazing coworkers, no limit to make as much as you want through commission, bank is evolving into a future thinking bank and will continue to innovate
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Fantastic people but inconsistent

Great people who work incredibly hard and take their accountabilities seriously. Big organization though so tough to navigate. Inconsistent promotion process.
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Not employee centric

They say they are about employees however they are too many political people that will throw you under the bus when necessary. Too many levels of leadership
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Knowledgeable managment, but extremely busy, focus on minute details including targets without understanding what they mean or really how their staff is to achieve them. Strong focus on technology and how to utilize it. Large focus on meeting regulatory expectations but really the goal is to check off the boxes.
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Fun workplace, supportive management

Everyday activity involves phone calls, servicing clients, and writing new business. They also have experienced managers and team members available to assist junior staff.
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Fun to start and learn

Team is great, Managers are helpful. You learn eaveryday. Staff levels low and they do not hire so work place could get busy If you want to know about market great place to start.
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Great Place to work

Very positive experience here. Benefits, pension and Employee Share purchase plan. Lots of room for growth. Been working here for 10+ years. Working hybrid has worked out great so far.
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Very bureaucratic

It's a good place to start your career as they allow for movement across teams. There was a clear decision-making hierarchy and those who were more junior were excluded from important discussions.
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Ok place

Working here was ok; benefits are good. Training provided was good. Make sure you regualrly make sales (in terms of products "sold" to clients). Also, ensure you're meeting your handle time. In my experience, even if your client experience is top-notch (getting promoters all the time) and your call handle time is a bit high; management doesn't really care... you may end up on a PIP. Be strategic about who in management you "buddy up" with if you want to move up from the call centre. Else, you'll be stuck.
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easy work, average pay. depends on teams.

workload was easy, only challenge was that I had to coordinate with multiple teams to help my team. pay was about average, benefits were limited compared to other fives
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