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Regina, SK79 avis

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3,6Équilibre vie privée/professionnelle

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Good Money No Mental Peace

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Severe micro managing and treated just as a number not a human. Poor Management and limited options to grow within the organization. Good pay scale and benefits.
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Good work environment in a busy call centre

Great opportunity to learn lots about banking. Call centre was very busy . Opportunity to try new roles within call centre. Benefits great. Good work environment
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Fun workplace

Pay is just okay, bonuses and excellent team leaders.Good place for learning.They are always looking for nee ways to merge departments though and give employees more work
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Worst place to work

No work culture no team bonding nothing. If you are working for this position all you have to do is take call after call. Don’t even give you time to take a breath after call if you take 1 min after call that’s work avoidance for them no team meeting nothing. The management don’t care. All they want is do sell and take calls that’s all
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Ok work

Get the opportunity to work from home, management is ok, but sometimes if you have questions they aren't that helpful. They can sometimes take 10+ minutes to answer or will just tell you to check your procedures
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Be prepared for a lot of hard work

If you are working for the call centre than you are not working for a bank, you are working for the tele-marketing company. Always busy, back to back calls most of the time irritated and frustrated clients. The branch people refer and encourage clients to call at contact centre even though client’s request can be fulfilled at branch. Overall stay away and do not apply for contact centre.

Points positifs


Points négatifs

Stressful, fast paced, very busy
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Well established Bank

Team atmosphere and an abundance of support to help us with our clients and seeking solutions for them. Team leaders support us daily when ever we need. Technology support and working from home is cost effect and convenient

Points positifs

We get team dollars based on bank performance and our perfmance

Points négatifs

Shift bid based on seniority and performance.
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Good workplace

Good to start with in as a starter. Good wage as a newcomer and alot to learn. Benefits are also there. Paid vacation and sick days too. Environment is good
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Fun place to work

Amazing organisation to work with. Provided lots of benefits and amazing work culture. Team leader and management staff is really helpful and provided lots of training
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Supportive workplace. Has flaws

Micromanaging is a thing. Every week theres a sheet on how long you: put the client on hold, took to do the after call documentation etc.Managers can be a handfull and try to stress you out with weird messages where you think you did something wrong and then its literally nothing. Work from home is a plus. Support is good. Client calls can be stressful especialy if someone is in dire need of money.Definetely room for improvement but its overall good place to get some experience in.
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great job

Job is not as stressful as you would think, great management and work culture. Very positive environment, growth-oriented with lots of room for advancement, supervisors and trainers are there to help you grow, and the company has an awesome business premise.

Points positifs

good pay and benefits

Points négatifs

lots of pressure on how many minutes you spend on call
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Good starting point for career.

Lots of possibly if you want to really grow. Good benefits and work culture. Sometimes stressful. Highly dependant on immediate supervisor.Work from home option available
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I will recommend CIBC

I really enjoyed my time as an FSR with CIBC. Great support from my team leader. Even though the work-life balance was terrible, I learned a lot of things that have greatly shaped my life and career.

Points positifs

- Great team support - Good pay

Points négatifs

- Very stressful - Poor work-life balance
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Very stressfull

Very competitive, stressful and unproductive environment. Was constantly pressured for sales, not allowed to tell all peoduct details to clients in fear of loosing the sale.

Points positifs

Good infrastructure

Points négatifs

Aggressive sales practice, work pressure
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Fast paced environment but great colleagues

If you thrive in a fast paced corporate environment, this is the place for you. But you get to meet great colleagues from different cultures and you can even get motivated to put in your best depending on your personality.

Points positifs

Diverse workplace

Points négatifs

Fast paced
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Pay was less as compared to the stress they gave

Training is pathetic. Team leader is just there to sit and warm chairs, they say they are there to support however in reality they stress you to a level that you will happily quit the job. I worked as a customer service representative in regina, some of the team support leaders tortured me to an extent that I could not sleep at night. I informed the management and they removed that team leader and shifted him to sales however this did not ended, the friends of that particular team support leader started to take revenge. There was a time where a team support leader was asking me how did you got this job? what did you learn in your training? Things were so bad that I would just cry for hours. They will be really nice in fornt of Manager or higher level of management staff, Management should understand this and start taking feedbacks of Team leaders and team support leaders from newly hired employees. I had really bad time working there. The job is not rocket science, you will get it however the people around you would make it worst for you.

Points positifs


Points négatifs

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an applicant needs to be tough

An applicant needs to be tough on this kind of job. stressful as you dont see your client face to face. work accommodation is good thou. I have nothing to say anymore
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It's all about sales .If you're good with sales then you are okay plus poor management. Managers only focus on their favorite employees for to promote them .Salary is low than other FI.Benefits are okay .
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Great Place to Work

A welcoming environment with work life balance provided to support personal growth and development with regular coaching and feedback for improving new campaign approach
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Productive and friendly place

Everyday at CIBC is a learning experience. The routine is pretty much similar and there's a nice work/home life balance. I have learned banking and to give my 100 % every time from my employment at CIBC. And, to stay composed in times of extreme pressure. The culture at CIBC is very open and friendly. Everyone is able to work in their comfort zones. The management is very involving and helpful. The hardest part of the job is to give consistent performance despite the customer behaviour and response. And, the most enjoyable part of the job is the fun loving environment at the workplace.

Points positifs

Discounted interest rates for personal credit facilities

Points négatifs

Low salary
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fun place

this financial institution is completely focus on customer. nice working hours. little sales pressure but tolerable. always miss working with cibc. good employee discounts.
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