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Equilibre vie professionnelle / personnelle
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no room for advancement; too much pressure put on customer serice/tellers
Customer Service Representative/Head Teller (Ancien employé) –  Paris, ON8 décembre 2012
As a teller, our job is to service the client with their every day banking needs. The company requires the tellers to act as sales people to inform the client of new banking promotions, credit cards, lines of credits, etc. Yet, we are penalized if we do not get referrals over to the Personal Bankers. We are also not compensated for the referrals that actually sign up with a product. I believe this is a waste of the teller's time, and it holds up the line for the other customers waiting to get their banking done. There should be a designated person to do the referrals and answer questions, and it shouldn't be the responsibility of the teller. I feel the rate of pay was poor for all of the extra things they wanted the tellers to do; I also feel it is extremely difficult to move up in CIBC from a teller level, as they post jobs on their site, but hire within the branch.
Points positifs
health benefits
Points négatifs
extended hours; selling products that we are not fully trained on or compensated for
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