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3,7Équilibre vie privée/professionnelle

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J'ai fais une bonne expérience au sein de la CIBC
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Good jobs in banking

Pay was good enough but work was fast paced. Good opportunity to grow, but work is competitive. Managers are somewhat helpful but not always, you need independance.
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Credit Counsellor

It was a good job as a student back then. The job was on a dialer. Therefore, we would receive both outbound and inbound calls. It requires an ability to tame the fire and be willing to help your clients. Most importantly, a good counsellor listens to understand rather than listening to respond.
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Good to get your first banking job for a year and then move on. Bad management.

Good to get your first banking job for a year and then move on. Bad management.Very sales oriented pressure whether you’re a CSR or FSR. You’re expected to push products on clients even if it’s clearly not in their best financial interests.High turnover rate. You’re also actively expected to push clients to using digital services rather than coming in, essentially working to phase you out of a job someday.

Points positifs

Other staff were really nice

Points négatifs

very stressful for sub-par pay
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Ok job to work at start.

Back to back calls non-stopManagement is goodGreat first job to learn about the fieldHardest part of the job is to tough it up, a lot of annoying customers calling.

Points positifs


Points négatifs

Need to stay 1 year in order to switch position
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Stressful workplace but you learn alot

The job is stressful and demanding, management micromanages and changes your schedule as they wish. Benefits are great though! Salary is also ok depending on your position.
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Professional and meaningful work experience that provided a solid reference to my career experience.

The work experience was invaluable. CIBC also provided many professional activities and workshops to allow the employees to acquire more skills. My entire experience as a professional to a branch representative in investments has allowed me to hone solid skills. As such, I have been a lifelong customer even though I have changed my career since.
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Environnement diversifié avec des gens compétents

Bonne culture d'entreprise, rénumération standard mais les avantages sociaux et bancaire son excellent
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Sales and goals oriented

Can be very stressful. You are expected to achieve a lot and make the numbers when little support is given. You think you are a banker but you are just a salesperson like any other job.
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Fun colleagues poor management

Management is some departments very poor and they promote based on favoritism. They make it seem like a position is available and encourage people to apply however the person is already chosen. You will meet alot of fun people in the call center.
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weak training

Traininee is bombarded with lots of theory without any capability of practice until live call You have to pass an important bunch of trainingswith high score before hitting the ground

Points positifs

social benefits for family

Points négatifs

exhaustive environnement
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Professional and supportive

Great place to work and create a lasting career in finance. Supported from day 1 and throughout your journey. Strongly recommend working here, changed my whole life after 14 years in hospitality
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Productive and fun workplace with great team leaders who leads with respect

CIBC have a great work environment and great co workers with a great leaders who leads with respect and the respect with CIBC are always Mutual and CIBC recognize your hard work and I have never found a company that I was able to fit into beside CIBC

Points positifs

Incentive for your hard work

Points négatifs

A lot of calls
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Amazing team with lots of support

Great team members always ready to help and great avancement opportunities! They celebrate diversityband equity for customers but also for employees
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extremely stressful

This was my worst job ever. The stress through the roof the staff and management alike would look to sabotage you at every chance. No chance to advance salary low hours all over the place.

Points positifs

none to report

Points négatifs

too many to mention
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Only good if you are desperate but even then...

I didn't expect this job to be all rainbows and butterflies, but I was hoping for something decent. Clients are always angry and treat you like absolute trash; no wonder when they can't even treat their own employees with respect.There is no future for you here unless you sell your soul, let management and clients walk all over you while making sure to always SALE SALE SALE. You'll move up if you have good stats which don't worry, they will remind you. If you're slacking off or even if you go over break by a minute; you'll know. Sick? They will find a way to guilt you. If you can toughen it for a few years, employee perks do get better with seniority, and move up/changing departments do become easier once you become staff. Otherwise, CIBC is not worth risking your physical and mental health; you will lose and suffer and they will win and have you replaced less competent than you.

Points positifs

no real experience required, starting salary is good as a first job

Points négatifs

schedule rotates every 6 months, need to be available any day of the week from 7am until midnight, short breaks, lunch is non-existent
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Very disorganised

Stressful environment, job not ment for me personally. It’s worth giving it a try, but most people tend to quit regarding the salary vs all the task that the agent must do vs the stress of the clients.. Training does not explain everything and on most situations you need to figure it yourself ..

Points positifs

Good benefits

Points négatifs

Stress and salary
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No concern for employee state of mind.

Unclear management, Stressfull work conditions.This company will change your shift and duties as it sees fit.They pretend to care for thier customers but their business practices show they only care about tge bottom line.It's a bank...we all know what they are.This one isn't any different.

Points positifs


Points négatifs

Everything else.
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Environnement du travail est formidable j’ai travaillé avec plusieurs collègues que jai beaucoup apprécié de travailler avec.

Points positifs

Évolution professionnelle et expérience magnifique

Points négatifs

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Good management

In general it is very good place to work. But it depends what is your position and time you should work. Sometimes they dont have enough employee and you should work more than usual.
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Fast paced and dynamic

I enjoyed a 23 year career with CIBC and held various titles. Very happy. Wonderful people, good Management overall. Made great memories. Entry level employees have lots of room to advance. The firm believes in their employees’ Development.?

Points positifs

Room to grow- lots to learn

Points négatifs

Can be stressful at times. Not for the timid
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