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Mississauga, ON131 avis

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3,7Équilibre vie privée/professionnelle

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Gooo Work Environment

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If you love helping people with their financial needs then look no further, nothing but good things to say about the staff and management, Tough working at the Pearson Airport for security checks but all in all pay is fair and management supports your career development for promotions.
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Rubbish Company

This Company is a worst place to work for. They don’t pay their employees bonus, if you are promised and fire you when there is not much work. I wish I could take this to higher level and show them what is going on internally within the managers. They don’t care about their employees, SO MUCH PARTIALITY WITHIN THE COMPANY . GARBAGE COMPANY
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Very good environment and support was provided at all times. Would definitely recommend this place for anyone who wants to join the company. A lot of support from the people
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Not the best experience

Bank is not goal focused , it keeps changing structures and policies with no réal or actual focus on clients, high employees turnover resulting into clients’ poor experience with the bank. no work-life balance, salaries are modest.
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Productive fast-paced work environment

It was quite a good experience working there, learnt new things & opportunity to enhance sales by meeting different people from all walks of life.The best part was seeing a smile on customer’s face when u resolved their issues amicably.
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It was great at the beginning but now its no longer a happy place to work

When I was first hired on 10 years ago, it was a very up beat and family like culture. Now it's everyone for themselves. Company used to host meetings and information sessions for staff for new and upcoming changes to policy or we get nothing. I feel like employees are no longer valued. Very disappointing
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Fun place to work

Fun place to work...the management is nice and fun to work with..although there is this pressure for us to meet quotas..other than that fun place and co workers to work with.
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Fulfilled work place

Amazing management to work. People are so cooperative and great collaboration between peers. Flexible working hours as a contact or part time job! Recommended to work
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no structured trainingback-biting about emplyees environmentno friendliness among team membersSuper rude supervisor/colleaguesoverly pushy and disrespectful supervisor
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Fun place to work

It is a fun place to work; very friendly and cooperative co-workers and managers. There is lots of scope for growth. Lot of festivals are celebrated where you dress up according to the festival; for example St. Patrick's Day, Canada Day; Diwali; Thanksgiving day; Christmas etc.

Points positifs

Lots of free food; lot of festivals are celebrated which makes it a fun atmosphere

Points négatifs

Bit stressful depending on the department you work.
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Hard working team, stressful work environment, sometimes unrealistic expectations for deliverables

Very strong governance model, additional effort required to comply with methodologies that some times was not allocated in effort estimates for projects.Hard working team members, a lot of experience in the business available from senior team members
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Not very polite with managers, need work on their manners

Nothing good to say about the team manager............................,If you don’t meet their standards on training, no care for time to be trained, it’s a go go go situation Training was not properly trained.......Learn the job fast and so your job and go home, Culture was unfair, lack of communication on training, unfortunately

Points positifs

Overtime available if you enjoy no social life

Points négatifs

Mgmnt needs better introduction to group, was not
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Good while it lasted

To keep things short and to the point it was a pretty good experience working there. I learned a lot of things and met great people however the way it ended wasn't based on my performance. Just on the one sided view of a person higher ranking (Director) than myself which cut things just shy of a two year contract. Overall it was good and there is nothing negative to take away just minus that one indiscretion of a bias nature.
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Unknown at this time

It was a progressive insurance company where you were rewarded based on personal effort. Good management and staff-Never felt out own place and could grow with the company

Points positifs

had opportunity to advance

Points négatifs

success is totally dependent on personal efforts
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Depends on your team and types of funds

Take on harder funds and be willing to do hard works, you'll have your fair shares in the company. Don't get lazy if you work is easy, go learn other funds and try different things

Points positifs

Easy to learn

Points négatifs

could be too relaxing if your team does not have hard tasks
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They simply got a lot of clients and employees to care about individual.

In one word, they do not value their employees. I got into a car accident and they decided to get rid of me. No ethics whatsoever, the management was also horrible.
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Fun Workplace

I honestly don't know why u think its compulsory to type this. You ought to make this an option not mandatory. You cannot make people type this. They would dimply not type what you want them to type.
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Fun Working

it is a good place to work at. Fun working environment little stressful due to the fast paced market related work required overall-highly recommended
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My day at work

My days at work is always fun filled. I always look forward to assist my clients with their banking need. My clientele varies from seniors clients to business clients. I learn each day as i go along about different investments and other ways of doing stuff. There is no hard part to my job and enjoy everyday serving my clients and being a team player.

Points positifs

Social activities

Points négatifs

not enough workers
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Productive and fun

Great place to grow and develop as a young professional; works with very notable, high profile, and reputable Canadian clients . Very team-oriented culture. Management open and very approachable — both with respect to day-to-day operations and with to long-term growth initiatives.
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professional work environment

worked for 31 years, a fast pace company that lets you strive for excellent and career advancements. Cibc employees are like a big family. The sky is the limit with your career advancements.
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