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Unethical and frankly evil
Financial Services Representative (Ancien employé) –  Lethbridge, AB1 mai 2014
Ironically I was fired from CIBC just hours ago, because I had an elderly client (71 year old female on pension) coming in because she wanted to know how GICs worked. I was told that I wasn't doing my job correctly if I got less than 10 products from her, whether she needed them or not. When I asked "but what if she doesn't need a credit card, or a secured line of credit" they told me "to make her need it" and that if she doesn't want it to educate her on title fraud and make her fear what could happen if she didn't have a claim on her house. I was deeply sickened by they're responses and when I said no I'm not going to do that to a senior, they said "then you are terminated effective immediately clear out your desk and leave". I've never been so ashamed of a company in my life.
Points positifs
It is usually quiet when they make you work 10 hour shifts
Points négatifs
Everything else, from the low pay to managers sitting behind you watching you work, They even took the doors off of the offices so they could monitor us better.
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