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Edmonton, AB77 avis

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3,7Équilibre vie privée/professionnelle

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Work and lifestyle for non facing positions ar e very reasonable. Updating system and app’s

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My last position was in Management administration.The hardest part was working remotely, the lack of interaction with people. Big adjustment. Time management is a must, your day/ week/ month must be planned in advance. Lots of coaching by telephone and or video conference calls. Great team and management support .

Points positifs

Room for advancement

Points négatifs

System outages, some road blocks they are still in the process of updating technology
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Awful place to work

Awful place to work, they do not value their employees and push them to sell products clients do not need. Also mindless meetings every week which is too much.
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I would not recommend a lifelong career at CIBC

Unrealistic targets bombard clients with unnecessary products costs and fees Targets encourage some employees to fabricate targets met. Products sold is more important than clients needs.

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Points négatifs

Toxic work environment
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Worst bank I worked for

Competitively from the other banks I’ve worked at the base salary is really good but the bonus structure and the benefits are really lacklustre. The systems are horribly outdated and need to be updated. Tried to advance within the company and it was nearly impossible.

Points positifs

Nice coworkers

Points négatifs

Long hours No flexibility
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Not a good place to work

Terrible pay, raises were once a year about 10 cents, very heavy work, co workers tried to blame everyone else, very noisy and windowless environment

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stressful environment

stressful environment, work load is more than salary paid. Overtime never paid. No promotions. performed Two People job, when they short staff. no Appreciation

Points négatifs

unpaid overtime
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Not fun

Not a good environment for work. Micro managing and bossy management. Ask to meet regular target even during Covid 19 Situation. Corporate management is excellent but local management is worst.
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Good employer

CIBC is changing their culture. They are trying to be advice based and really getting to clients goals. It’s a tough job and people should only apply if they really want to be challenged. Great vacation time, salary is decent. They will help with career advancement and growth. Compared to other financial institutions that I have friends and family working at, I think CIBC is the best!
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Fast paced

Found the clients to be rude and abusive. My Supervisor was also not good as she/he seemed to get angry if you asked them for assistance on something that you only did once in 6 months. The Branch Manager was ver helpful and treated you with kindness and respect.
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Great organization to work for

Very good place to work. Good work-life balance and good colleagues. One of the strongest investment counsel organization in Canada. Top 50 best employers in Canada.
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Financial Service Associate for small Business

All in all Cibc, was a great place to work and move up the ladder, until I was promoted to a FSA, the one Advisor was not nice, not flexible, not helpful, critical and was not looking out for me in any way shape or form. It made me look elsewhere for work, and once I got the opportunity to leave, I took it. But I really missed my other position out of the 10 years I was there.
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A good place to learn your banking career

I liked CIBC. The balancing when you are first learning can be sooooo stressful, compared to working at RBC, where your end of day balancing is so easy and fast. A great place to work in different positions and move up the ladder. the Bank got to a point in pushing us to get customers to open new accounts, loans or apply for credit cards. I am not one to push products on clients unless they will benefit from it. So I did check accounts and ask questions to see if clients were interested. Some employees would open up new accounts just for their own gain though.
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Great place to work

Great place, good management group. Lots of opportunities to grow. Supportive staff. Office is a bit dated, but people make up for it. Would recommend as a place to work.
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Amazing company

CIBC is an amazing company to work for. They definitely take care of their employees. It is probably the best bank you can work for. I would definitely recommend.
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good place to work

overall decent place for people who like customer service, sales at the retail level. some people are quite nice, however, not everyone is there as the structure values don't always align with fast growth

Points positifs

good people

Points négatifs

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Difficult to achieve their expectations within a 40 hour week

Although the benefits of free banking and staff rates for borrowing are great, management is out of touch with what the sales staff is facing. You are told you are to provide advice to clients and do what is best for them but ultimately you are "graded" on how many units you sold in each meeting you hold.
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A good place if you are starting out.

They have a very well defined progression plan especially if you are good at what you do. You will get to work with a lot of people from different branches and levels of the career - just need to be active about it.
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dinner and play game with co worker

Great team, no discrimination. Has options to learn more and improve your skills. ncourage to better position and support from managment. has great partners to work with different areas.

Points positifs

Restaurant gift card as a revards

Points négatifs

Yes working some time long hours as per on choice
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Great Company to work with. Everyone was good. What else I can say. Why you want me to write more. Everyone has to work in Best Buy. Have wonderfull Day. Ha Ha Ha.
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Friendly Environment

If you are sales driven and have passion to deliver meaningful advice to your customers then this is one of the best place to work. Keep in mind you have targets to achieve, it's always a good idea to keep up with them on weekly or biweekly basis.

Points positifs

Excellent benefits
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Sales pressure

CIBC only cares about sales. The management really puts pressure and stress on the employees to sell products and it doesn’t matter if the customers need the products or not. Systems are outdated, help is minimal and clients with low net worth aren’t given priority at all. No overtime is paid, compensation is low, bonuses are totally based on sales.

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Points négatifs

No overtime, way too much sales pressure even if it’s unethical
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