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Good compensation when I was there before 2018. You got guaranteed base plus commission. The total is about $200K if your sales if good. Quite pushing for sales
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Lots of Learnings

Role was good for learning but need to move out of Branch and diversify skills.There's opportunity for greater automation to reduce redundant and manual effort. Culture could be improved but at the Branch level, in part dictated by Branch Manager.
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Productive and fun workplace

Productive and fun workplace. Great environment to work with great teammates. Managers that listen with the opportunity to grow your career. Will highly recommend it.
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Worst employer to work with

I learned a lot from my current role but if we consider promotional opportunities CIBC is the worst employer I ever had in my life. Management is worst in my branch

Points négatifs

Long hours and no carrier growth
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Work greatly depends on the team

Nice place to work, technology a bit outdated but workable. Base salary is low and the bonus is negotiated directly with the advisor you support, so total pay and workload greatly depend on which team you are on. People make between 65K to 120K for essentially same work depending on how big their advisor's book is, which is hardly equitable. Getting on large teams is next to impossible, nepotism and "buddy" connections are rampant. Also, your pension and benefits are calculated on your low base salary, not the total pay, so it's kind of a rip off. I was making close to 90K and my pension was based on 46K - make this make sense.
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Some branches better than others. All depends on the luck of the manager yu got. They will also ask you at times to do stuff you feel is ethically not right and be pushed if you don’t

Points positifs

Good benefits

Points négatifs

May be asked to do stuff you feel ethically bad about
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Fun experience, but low pay for work

Overall, it was a great experience being a bank teller, especially not having any prior banking experience or knowledge. Pay is pretty low for the work, tellers have to do and are responsible for. Might as well be minimum wage. Can get really stressfull at times, especially during holiday seasons. Great place to work if you want to learn the banking industry, get your foot in the door and move up from there.
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Pretty bad place to work at all around.

Low pay, micromanagement, and lots of stress due to dealing with customers' complaints that you cannot solve at the CSR level. Sad pay, almost MW for a huge amount of stress and work, not mentioning the outdated CBFE/Coins system CIBC uses that doesn't work properly and always glitches. Bad experience, wish I went somewhere else instead.

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None recorded

Points négatifs

Low pay, high stress.
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Hard work pays off but it is expected that you give the extra

Worked at CIBC for almost 20yrs. There are lots of opportunities and good benefits. You need to out the extra effort in and while work life balance is discussed, the balance falls to work in order to take advantage of the opportunities.
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Enjoyed the work

Behind the scenes work. Fast paced with many deadlines. People were fun to work with. At slow times expected to helped in other departments. Would work here again
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not fun work place at

Micromanaged, was encouraged to speak up by HR - told “we will support you” - things only get worse after you speak up, no confidentiality. Terrible leadership in upper management - they keep toxic RVPs and lose good, long tenured staff. Terrible culture, all they care about making their billions no matter what it does to the health of their employeesManagement is horrible with no ethics. Management can do what ever they want.

Points positifs

no pros

Points négatifs

very stressful
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CIBC great

Really enjoy the culture in the wealth division, day depends on the book, laid back, smart co workers, lots to learn if you pay attention and ask questions
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Too much work for the pay. Company mainly cares about sales volume and not the people.

Support was lackingSales targets are difficultPay isn't great Systems and processes need work as I often felt like the majority of my time was wasted.
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Not enough pay

While I definitely have had days where I love my job, it seems that I'm having more and more where I don't. In my opinion, the pay isn't fair based on experience or expectations. Management focuses a lot on sales and targets, which is expected but doesn't need to be shoved down the throats of staff.
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Sales pressure. Politics.

Unprofessional behaviour of manager. You’re treated well when you suck up to the managers. Manager rude to and in front of clients. Even some csr’s show pouty faces to clients but no one is there to correct the behaviour. Colleagues act like they’re your friends but they backstab you the minute your back is turned to them. Partisan behaviour.

Points positifs

Some Benefits

Points négatifs

Fast paced. Low pay. High stress.
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Worst place to work

CIBC a pathetic place to work. The management is totally corrupt. Don’t know the business ethics. Always tries to focus on sale. On the name of retirement planning, CIBC is selling it’s products making fool out of people.

Points positifs


Points négatifs

Worst place to work with
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Career advancement is based personal relationships NOT performance.

New management being brought in from mostly TD is absolutely horrible. i would not recommend CIBC as an employer. It is bottom of the the "Big 5" for a reason. Career advancement is based on everything EXCEPT performance.
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Great Starting Position

It's a great place to develop your skills and learn credit. This job is designed to prepare you for a future in commercial banking so if that's what you are looking for, it's a great way to enter the industry.
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Very poor training.

Not the best culture, learning is often done on ones own. Departments are in different silos and it is very difficult to get help when needed. Help often involves favours.
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Good place to work

Investment advisors work independently and operate like a small business/entrepreneur. If you have the drive you will have plenty of opportunity to advance
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Not Great

Never go to HR - you'll be hassled or fired. No room for creative thinking and in most cases they don't seem to care about staff unless you are a manager.
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