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great job

Job is not as stressful as you would think, great management and work culture. Very positive environment, growth-oriented with lots of room for advancement, supervisors and trainers are there to help you grow, and the company has an awesome business premise.

Points positifs

good pay and benefits

Points négatifs

lots of pressure on how many minutes you spend on call
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It’s all about the work, not the employees. 90% of their management team needs managerial skills.

From my experience, could be a great place to work if there were more than 10% of good managers. They do not foster loyalty - unfortunately, working at CIBC is just that - it’s a job. Given an opportunity, I think that 90% of their employees would jump ship.
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I was a FSR the best part of any day was when we got the approval on what ever I was working on for my clients.

I worked full time.Daily I would something new about a process or program,Manager was always available to talk about any problems I maybe having.The culture in the work place is very inclusive and friendly.The hardest part of my job was doing Mutual funds be I loved the challenge.The best part of everyday was the morning huddle.
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Good place to work. Most people are helpful and friendly.

Good place to work, but you need a good manager because you rely on them heavily at first. In the mortgage biz, you need to have leads to get business and its a very competitive industry. The bank has their own leads and if you develop relationships within the branch, you will get referrals.

Points positifs

Good share program

Points négatifs

Can be lonely
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Ugh no thanks

The company should use LEAN processes in their branches to make tasks efficient. Computer system outages hindered working on a regular basis. The Manager doesn’t like people and that includes staff so everyone can feel it.
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Great co-workers and supportive management

I would highly recommend this company to fellow students because the management is very flexible and understanding when it comes to taking days off for school related activities. The co workers are also very friendly and helpful. The wage is also much higher than most entry level positions so overall it is a great place to work.
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Great place to work

It is overall great place to work. But you have to competitive to sustain . Managers are good and there are lots of growth opportunities out here. Overall it is great place to work
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No respect from colleagues and no advancement

I was transferred from one CIBC to another due to my husband moving for work. Although I was promised a job once I moved, I was told there was a hiring freeze and I didn’t have a job. After 3 months I was offered a part time teller position with promises of getting a lending job soon. I was not offered that lending job until a week prior to starting a new job.
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Great people

Worked in the fund accounting team, people were nice and great team all around. Lots of turnover due to monotonous work but overall, it was a fulfilling role.
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stable employment but no career advancement

management push for RPC calls day in/ career advancement....only by luck or if they are desperate and short staffed....they love promoting external candidates rather than is poor....
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nice staff

THE Company is good, its just the wanna be's in the middle level or branch level who try and step over you to get their name out and exploit you. you interact with customer and things are great but then being forced to sell overdraft to college students is out of my understanding.
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Good work environment, Good colleague

Workplace culture is good. Management is good. My typical day at work is to solve the cases which comes forward. some day the work pressure is huge and some day it is not.

Points positifs

Work from home

Points négatifs

salary is not satisfactory
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It’s just OK!

It’s an ok place to work. So so compensation. Culture is sales oriented like all other banks. Benefits are similar like other banks as well. In total it is an average place to work.
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Fun team and place to work

It is a great place to work. Lovely team and culture. You will also get a lot of support on the job as well.... From the interview stage to training stage and onbaording, it was all fun while learning, was made to be comfortable and knew we always had support at all times.
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Great benefits, no support

As you level up, you get less and less support (not enough training, no one available to help you at certain times of the day). But the pay and benefits are outstanding.
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Not great

Covid bonus pay was nice. No support from management, chaotic, stressful and busy at all times. Given great responsibility but was not compensated fairly for my duties.
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Good jobs in banking

Pay was good enough but work was fast paced. Good opportunity to grow, but work is competitive. Managers are somewhat helpful but not always, you need independance.
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Good employer

CIBC Provide you opportunities to make progress in your carrier Management is not the best they have to run the business so sometimes pushy and aggressive about targets
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Productive team but competitive environment

It was a busy environment and less flexibility for working location. Ok for training opportunities but difficult to move within the organization. thanks
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Great start especially as a co-op student

The pacing of the job varies from time to time. You get to learn a lot, however, most of the learning is done one the job, and you may feel lost frequently until you've got a grasp of your role.
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