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Overall Just OK

CIBC works at the pace of your average bank and struggles with change and agility. The organization has policies that are overall inclusive and accepting, but stray towards a very traditional work model. They also don't have any insight into what the competition is doing, often just reacting rather than doing a proper assessment.Many hopefuls will be met with mandatory Hybrid work with at least one day on site and ever relaxing COVID restrictions. If you're around immunocompromised individuals, I wouldn't recommend the company at all. It's easy to get caught up in the rigidity of the org, so you're going to have to get used to red tape. This inhibits a lot of richer efforts in terms of what kinds of solutions you're able to pursue.Speaking from my position, turnover at a company this large is normal. Few people have a tenure past 5 years and some of the assessments of talent aren't based on anything other than assumptions. Bias overrules a proper talent growth structure sometimes as well. While there is opportunity, there also isn't. Many jobs have a person with a foot in the door.If your passion is digital, please avoid any FI. Their restrictive policies don't foster anything other than frustration. They operate behind the baseline, and it contributes to the turnover.If you're looking for a more management role, aim for one of those. Individuals who make it there tend to stay and for good reason. CIBC is generally just average beyond that.A lot of these issues are not unique to this organization, but are the most prominent. I'd suggest you check people's career history - 
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Not a great experience

Wouldn’t recommend. Very busy, little support from management. Worked full time temporary but got paid less than part time permanent employees. Benefits could be better
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Both pros and cons, overall a good learning experience

While they will grind you until you get results, they genuinely do care about you and your growth. I did have good work-life balance, great team, and supportive managers. Pay was extremely low. Good benefits though.
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Gooo Work Environment

If you love helping people with their financial needs then look no further, nothing but good things to say about the staff and management, Tough working at the Pearson Airport for security checks but all in all pay is fair and management supports your career development for promotions.
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Overall a great place to work

The benefit is good, work-life balance is good, pay is a tiny bit below other banks, management is decent and the front office definitely has stress from time to time.
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Work and lifestyle for non facing positions ar e very reasonable. Updating system and app’s

My last position was in Management administration.The hardest part was working remotely, the lack of interaction with people. Big adjustment. Time management is a must, your day/ week/ month must be planned in advance. Lots of coaching by telephone and or video conference calls. Great team and management support .

Points positifs

Room for advancement

Points négatifs

System outages, some road blocks they are still in the process of updating technology
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A good place to start your banking career

It’s a good place to start if you want to join the banking industry. You will learn the related banking knowledges as well as the local market. Pretty good platform for those who wants to start their career with finance industry
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Management was good, the work itself was exhausting and stressful

I had wonderful managers, but working in the call centre was exhausting. Having to deal with clients verbally abusing you and being rude day in and out takes a toll on your mental health. In the end, it was the nature of the work which caused me to leave. The benefits for this company are pretty great, though, and I sometimes regretted my decision to leave.

Points positifs

Great benefits

Points négatifs

Forced overtime
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Typical bank work

It's similar to any bank I've worked at in every sense except they pay less and the management is incompetent and usually completely unprepared for any aspect of their job.
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Great place to work with good managers and good work life balance.

Good career advancement opportunities if you network and keep looking at what roles are available. Pay is lower compared to the other large banks but the job security is great. Managers are usually supportive.
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Good place for a first job in banking

I was lucky to have great managers while working in the fraud call center. The training was rushed, and once it was done we started taking calls. This created stress since many real-world scenarios were never covered during training.This were co-workers' support became invaluable, and I would talk to my managers about my struggles and they would suggest ways to handle them.

Points positifs

Managers can be very supportive, overtime was available on a regular basis

Points négatifs

Lower pay than other bank call centers, training is rushed
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Very good environment and support was provided at all times. Would definitely recommend this place for anyone who wants to join the company. A lot of support from the people
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not fun work place at

Micromanaged, was encouraged to speak up by HR - told “we will support you” - things only get worse after you speak up, no confidentiality. Terrible leadership in upper management - they keep toxic RVPs and lose good, long tenured staff. Terrible culture, all they care about making their billions no matter what it does to the health of their employeesManagement is horrible with no ethics. Management can do what ever they want.

Points positifs

no pros

Points négatifs

very stressful
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Thank goodness for the old staff that's in other rolls now but trying to help us all new staff because nobody cares

Not a fun place! Horrible manager that doesn't know anything and doesn't want to, just complains. Complains all the time never complementary! Only if he likes you or wants that person to do everything! Doesn't have any customer service and then wants to tell you how to be around clients, it's the most messed up place I've worked and I'm talking about 40 yrs of working! They made me doubt myself and feel horrible, never would stay in that environment so I left!

Points positifs

Weekends off

Points négatifs

Worse unorganized place I've ever worked! Horrible management and training
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Pay and management not the greatest

The pay is not worth the stress and dealing with managers. I would not recommend the client representative job please dont waste your time. Most managers show blatant favoritism.
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Call center job

training is thorough but the management needs help. long wait times very repetitive over 60-80 calls a day, same procedure every day. this will make you fall asleep
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Very less pay with little to no job security

They can fire you for small reason and pay bare minimum for the roleThey sound nice to you in the beginning l, but as you go on you will feel burdened and Managers can fire you by telling lies. Senior Managers are very egoistic and insult even new employees.Favoritism is always there
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Great place to work

Great place to work, great staff, very good training, great place to gain experience in a fun fast paced environment. Throughly enjoyed my time here.
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Pay Good, Mgmt Horrible

Pay is good, benefits good.Management horrible people with no ethics. The culture is fake and contrived. The physical work environment is demotivating and outdated.
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Productive and fun place to work at

The environment there I feel like is very good, they are inclusive. The managers are easy to reach out to. However the work hours could be better, Toronto has it from 12pm till 8pm. Other then that everything else is great.
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