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Why did you leave your job at CIBC?

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  • Manager was only interested in moving to the next level up himself. No help for new employees. Pressure not to complete or pay attention to training but instead make cold calls and sell. Staff, even new ones left to manage the branch by themselves. Left all complains to staff to handle then blame staff that client left. Cut backs after cut backs, increased work loads without proper compensation. I’ve heard the flock of new immigrants is helping them underpay and overload.

  • Overworked, underpaid, management has no idea what they're doing and they treat their employees bad.

  • Too far from residence

  • Cibc's non compliance with iiroc rules and its desire to cover all up

  • Family matter, need to leave Canada

  • Offered higher salary at different bank.

  • The market crashed

  • Relocated to British Columbia

  • Low pay, unreachable targets, bad management , always short of staff.

  • Personal reasons

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