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Vos supérieurs sont-ils facilement abordables chez CIBC?

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  • I would have to suggest that the sells pressures to sell, sell, and sell would not be the number one point at the end of the day.
    Yes, I understand that working at any financial industry has sells and target. This is normal, but not to be told that if you don't happen to meet that target for a month mostly do to the economy. That you will still have a job.

  • Focus on treating your employees like humans, not just number number number

  • Better communication, and training of new hires and associates, work with them rather than belittle them and make them feel un-appreciated, it's sad as most of the upper management are friendly and easy to get along with, there is 1 Sr. Director that really makes everyone's life difficult and as a result the reason why a lot of associates are leaving

  • Identify the potential leaders and nurture their growth

  • Schedule better shifts

  • Replace old IT management on the infrastructure side and hire people with IT experience and not Business experience. Teach management by empowerment and test the EQ scores and maybe IQ as well.

  • Improve work culture and ethics,

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