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  • support employees during life altering situations, be more supportive, be more motivated

  • Value your full time employees. Don't make them dependent for their job on others. You hired them because they are also qualified. Stop forcing them to do sales. Appreciate independent FSR too instead of appreciating all the time who is dependent on mobile consultant for meeting their day to day investment targets.

  • Pay employees an equitable wage, and change the bonus compensation model so that it does not promote mediocrity (your most talented people should be paid the most). Constant cuts to teller hours and management layoffs has created a toxic culture that undermines branches willingness to provide good service to our clients. If senior management really wanted us to be the leader in client experience, they wouldn't have laid off 400+ people with the title "Manager, Client Experience."

  • In the contact centre respect needs to start from the director and down. Staff is not valued and mid managers are afraid to speak up

  • Change the policy that current CIBC employees must bc working in their position for at least a year in order to transfer internally to another position.
    I now work for the competition who pays me much more because my own employer didn’t appreciate me even though I was a top performer

  • Provide more internal opportunities

  • Stop the up selling on every call just to make targets

  • To increase salary

  • Very difficult to say, some leave for money some leave due to high unattainable targets

  • Commensurate compensation

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