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Si vous deviez quitter CIBC, quelle en serait la raison?

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  • Incompetent management, non existent culture, non competitive wages (lower than all the other big 5)

  • High pressure, low quality training(high volume of materials short time to complete, pressure to finish the training fast. No value for quality work all about sales volume!

  • Sales..no option for growth. Worst management

  • Better pay, better computer systems and more efficient internal processes.

  • Getting rid of CSR and not enough pay

  • To further education.

  • CIBC is a very dishonest company founded on selling products to consumers who do not need nor want it. As a former employee, I can tell you first hand that almost everything you hear when you’re at the bank is an absolute lie, whereas the employee is just trying to build their annual numbers and boost their sales.
    For instance; when you are told you were given an increase to a credit line, credit card product, mortgage etc., basically every time you agree to have it increased (which is something you DO NOT have to do and doesn’t always help you), you’ve given them a sale for the day and annual numbers.

    For instance; when you go into the branch to get a product, and you sit down for a meeting with someone and discuss the product you want, they will always discuss other products with you and advise that you need them. You don’t. Example: you’ve sat down for a meeting to open a simple chequing account. You better believe they are also going to try to see if you are “qualified” to get a line of credit, credit card product, or overdraft. They will also coax you into a savings option. Why? Because that is one point every sale, and it boosts their annual sales.

    Here’s the thing you should know working at this bank — all you are is a sale. We are instructed to sell to you regardless of your situation. If you’re struggling financially, we push credit lines, or increase them. If you’ve bounced a payment, we push overdrafts. If you’ve been given money that seems significant, we push credit, mortgages, savings. You get a money order to a real estate company? Mortgage, mortgage, mortgage! Start a new job? Credit card. Travelling? Insurance package or travel visa. YOU ARE A SALE. We are even told not to communicate about remedial stuff with you which most of us enjoy doing. We enjoy the one on one conversations about your day BUT we are told we cannot do this. We are told to keep the conversations brief and to focus on non open ended questions to discover your banking needs (ie: product we can sell you).

    Management is relentless with it. If you’ve made no sales and literally just helped a customer, you’re in the wrong. If you don’t make sales then you are put on a performance plan, which in turn you’ll be either written up for, have to sit with other employees who are doing better and better at sales, or they will let your sorry no sales making butt go.

    If you are like me where it feels dishonest to lie to consumers about things they really don’t need, then it’s not the job for you.

    You do NOT automatically get bonuses for your sales. I repeat ... you do NOT automatically get bonuses for your sales. Why? Because it’s based on your end of year review which calculates aspects of your job throughout the year. These can include community participation, teamwork, sales, and goals. If you’ve not met one aspect of the criteria but your other aspects are PERFECT, you will NOT be given a bonus.

    Yes there is room for advancement within this company. But again, sales are everything. No sales equals no advancement. How can you be expected to advance when you’re not making sales in the position you’re already in? Exactly. You can be promoted from a customer service rep (a bank teller) to a financial service rep (the ones in the office), but you will be required to UP YOUR SALES throughout the position. Yes you make more but you also work extremely hard for the pennies you’re given.

    Be prepared if you should work here to be stressed, underpaid, undervalued, criticized, pushed for top numbers, and told endless times a day you’re not good enough and you could be better.

    To me personally there were no pros for working with the company and I have a feeling I’m not the only one who feels this way. The company lacks proper management, encouragement, compensation, and customer service notions. It is founded on badgering people into SALES. Not on appreciation of business and employees.

  • Ma démission dépendra de mon encadrement dans l'entreprise.

  • Worked at CIBC (750 Lawrence W) constant entitlement of clients, management is not any better, pay is okay but based on the number of procedures you have to follow while all other factors that are taken into consideration I would say is too much. 3 months on the job (maybe 4) and you will notice that more than half of your team if not gone, are looking for a new job even if the pay is lower...

  • They overwork their employees, underpaid and no recognition for the employees that work hard. Probably one of the worst companies I've work for, Walmart is better.

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