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Are you able to work in a stress-full environment?
Would you be willing to travel if required?
How do you handle long hours and are you interested in carrying a pager?
What types of applications you have worked with in the past?
How would you handle more than one issue at a time if both were critical.

Réponse du - Senior Application Production Support (Former Employee) - 155 Britannia Street East, Mississauga

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How can I sale card, plc, increase the credit card limit?

Réponse du - Customer service Representative - CSR (Current Employee) - 320 circle dr saskatoon ,

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Tell me about yourself
Why should we hire you
What are your strengths/weaknesses
Any ideas for our team?

Réponse du - Global Markets Intern (Former Employee) - Toronto

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Whats your goal in life

Réponse du - Financial Service Representative (Current Employee) - Toronto, ON

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Typical behavioral question

Réponse du - Sr Manager Finance (Former Employee) - Toronto

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Mostly situational questions - What would you do if a client was irate with you ? How would you handle the situation ?

Réponse du - Financial Services Representative (Former Employee) - Halifax, NS

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What is your knowledge in the financial industry, what is your sales experience and customer service experience

Réponse du - Financial sales Representative (Former Employee) - Campbellton, NB

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