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  • It’s like a big corporation. There is no trust among coworkers. It’s expected that competition exists among coworkers and so not supportive. Recent switch to mobile and advice centres has created higher work volume but sales target has risen. Also, earlier this year, many advice positions were eliminated and moved to India! There were many layoffs- before COVID

  • Bad culture. inconsistent vision and massages. the norm is to compete with other CIBC branches for business rather than winning customers from competitors.

  • Very stressful and low pay. Management was not trained enough to support the rest of the employee .

  • Fast -Paced full autonome job which can be overwhelming. Not enough immediate support to help clients faster

  • Very goal driven
    Very Client conscious - make the banking experience very comfortable for them.

    Compared weekly to others in same role

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  • The decision making is top down. Work ethics and CIBC values are very important. I did not see any harassment etc. so good place to work and advance your career.

  • A good place to network and advance in your career

  • Helpful staff

  • Fosters personal development

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