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Combien de temps dure le processus de recrutement chez CIBC?

10 réponses

  • 3 weeks. just the standard process but very unprofessional team over there. no clue what is going on

  • About 3 weeks. I kept getting calls from the manager even before getting hired. The manager was very vocal about CIBC's past employees and discussing their life stories.

  • 2 weeks, 1 interview with the branch manager and an interview with the HR representative.

  • 2 months including orientation. You need to be at the computer for 7 am sharp and adherence is a absolute 100% must. One mistake and you could be gone. You need nothing much, but your resume, your listen skills, a brain with coffee and a willingness to suffer at the bank.

  • Sometimes over two months, screening with HR takes a long time, then if selected, have to meet with the hiring manager. They required a reference from your reporting manager at your current firm if they offer - may be hard to do since most people looking for external opportunity do not want their current employer to know.

  • Set up a personal profile on the CIBC career site and upload your resume. Apply for jobs currently posted or set up a job alert.

  • By sending multiple resumes.

  • Show interest and desire to grow within the company.

  • Word of mouth.

  • Connections is the best method

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