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À quoi ressemble votre journée de travail type dans lentreprise?

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  • Poor leadership

  • BUSY

  • 7h 3pm

  • Interacting with finance managers and directors throughout the day and compiling / shaping information that is easy to understand at all levels

  • Very busy

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  • Depends on the day of the week. Mondays were very busy and constantly back to back calls. Wednesdays and Thursday and maybe Fridays were somewhat relaxing.

  • mornings start off usually with team meetings, so you need to come in quite a few minutes before you actually start getting paid, in order to set up your systems. You just go go go all day, and if you can't get away on time for lunch because of a customer holding you up, you are expected to return on time anyway, even though you aren't paid for a one hour break. You are also expected to work until 5pm with customers, as the doors close at this time, but they do not pay you for the extra 15-20 minutes it takes to close up your office. There is a feeling of being exploited this way, and also a feeling of work work work, as there are not many social activities or team building activities

  • Hate it

  • Extremely busy & hectic

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