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3,2Équilibre vie privée/professionnelle

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entry level job Good location opportunities in financial industry
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My experience

Lack of proper training, however there are exceptions that you do everything perfectly. Certain managers should focus on providing the adequate training and support.
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Good Opportunities but no Resource or Support

New senior leadership has turned this company into a cliquey highschool environment with different rules for different people. The work itself was always challenging and interesting. Lots of opportunities if you are smart and resourceful to lead projects and gain excellent experience. A lot of the good leadership has left which is sad. Still lots of good people remain. Some departments run extremely lean while others seem to be over staffed with not enough work. Lots of imbalance. Very stressful environment and high work load requiring lots of overtime. Was doing a job for 2/3 people for low pay.

Points positifs

Nice Toronto office, lots of opportunities for growth

Points négatifs

Toxic culture, lack of work life balance, low pay and questionable leadership
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A fun place where you enjoy resolving client queries and feel the level of happiness and satisfaction.

Learning and practice makes my job more enjoyable.High quality work culture.360 Degree reviews.Sometime demanding long hours but not always.100% company paid health insurance benefits.

Points positifs

Hybrid and flexible

Points négatifs

Long hours only during Tax season
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Productive and great work environment

Lots of volume to be dealt with on a day to day basis - people are friendly. Office has a great location right beside the Scotia bank arena. Cons: Pay was slightly lower than industry standard
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supportive team and good location

Some positions may be pretty stressful in training period. Depends on your manager, usually people go to the office more frequently in the first couple month, regardless most positions are hybrid.
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Good work culture

Good work cultureNice colleagues who willing to helpGood benefit with salary is not too competitiveGood place to work hereGood location where accessible to TTC
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Fun workplace good people and challenging

What is the best part of working at the company?Good coworkers. Flexible time. What is the most stressful part about working at the company?Deal with some.managers and usersWhat is the work environment and culture like at the company?Friendly and stressful. Lack of training but demand. What is a typical day like for you at the company?Quiet some times but some days very demanding
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Preach communication but far from experience

Zero communication from top down. They fire people left and right and is a such a toxic environment with lack of training or support. Only positive I can say is flexible hours, unless you’re required to travel.
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Not the best

Not the best culture. Employees are not considered humans. Do not pay well. Demanding work load. Avg. benefits. Marketing org is very political and favour their people
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Good people and entry into funds industry

Good people and introduction into the funds industry. Up to you to determine where you want to go given its a large organization. Some managers are more supportive than others.
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Culture is all business

Met some nice people but it is not a fun atmosphere. Not a lot of comeraderie because there is high turnover. Every time there is a market dip they fire good people.
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Fun workplace

Good experience. I was working there for 3 months, the management was good. Definitely a lot of space for growth, I learnt a lot during my time there
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Good work environment, great people

Love working therePeople are good, management is approachable Pay in line within the industry Good work life balanceCan grow within the company with enough effort
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Private client Admin

Nice colleagues, beautiful building, team work is encouraged and social gathering for team bonding Approachable management Learn more things by working with other departments

Points positifs

Free lunches, social gathering, good colleagues

Points négatifs

Training, Incompetent investment counsellors, work avoidance by IC, expect to be treated like a personal secretary, poor client document filing which should be done by private company, very low pay compared to work load, old systems that don't meet job requirements
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good benefit package

Good work life balance. Not much growth. Nice office. Stable and secure. Can be stressful, depends on which team you work for. Overall, a good company.
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So much opportunity to build, learn and be creative

In growth mode across the US, which brings a ton of opportunity to build great relationships, new processes, and value add to the organization. Great passion and leadership.

Points positifs

Beautiful building with all the amenities needed. Free vending machines
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Enjoy work

People are friendly, workloads is not too heavy, have time to learn business and new technology. Great health Benefit except RMT. The location is just out of Union station.
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You are thought how to solve problems but are not allowed to, you have to reach out to multiple teams, and the branch is clueless too, they don’t know how things are done at headpffice
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fun workplacd

Good place to work, work life balance is very good. Culture is open and workload is reasonable. I learned a lot from the team, and internal transfer is great for CI
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Good place to start your entry level career. But you need leave to seek faster progression.

Expect to be paid less than the industry average. On-call pay is low and given the choice, I would option out of it. There are worse places out there.

Points positifs

Add this experience to your resume

Points négatifs

You can’t build a career here
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