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Okay workplace

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It was a toxic workplace due to the staff and how everyone interacted with each other. Otherwise it was not a bad place to work. Main problem is the hot oil splashing everywhere and burning me multiple times a shift but that is expected when you work near a fryer
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It’s fun to work but management are have favoritism

What is the best part of working at the company?Nothing is better working for Churchs Chicken working for them for 25 yearsI was set up and forced to quitWhat is the most stressful part about working at the company?Everything is stressful without benefitsWhat is the work environment and culture like at the company?It is not a safe environment. It don’t matter what time of the day What is a typical day like for you at the company?Dealing and solving problems everyday with customers
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Scheduling improvements

50% discount on food which is pretty good, scheduling could be better, training gives just about enough of what you'll need to know in a typical working day
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Not my best fit

What is the best part of working at the company?The best part is that I learnt new experiences What is the most stressful part about working at the company?Not receiving the right amount of my pay check and not getting a message back when I had a question about the job.What is the work environment and culture like at the company?Really stressful. Always messy, no communicationWhat is a typical day like for you at the company?Always getting told what to do without clear instructions
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It was decent for a student job

It was decent for a student job. Basically just your typical fast food experience, without the drive thru. The co workers were very nice… for the most part.
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  • Absence de stress
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Overall it was great experience. Again food industry can get a little bit pressured bit still it was fine working there. The management wants some stuff to get done and that’s what is annoying sometimes
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Bad place to work

I’ve been waiting two months now to be paid by this company. I wouldn’t recommend anyone to work here not even my worst enemy. The management is so unprofessional and doesn’t respond to you in a timely manner. I honestly don’t think I was going to be paid by them If i didn’t ask them myself. Please save yourself the stress and problems and DO NOT work here. Don’t say I didn’t warn you.

Points positifs

Free lunch

Points négatifs

Not getting paid, management is unorganized
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Good for part time

No payrate increases. IT TAKES MONTHS TO FIND A CUSTOMER… SECONDS TO LOSE ONE! Customer feedback is one of the most important factors a business has to gauge customer satisfaction. It can help businesses identify areas where they need to improve and let them know what their customers think.
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Manager’s and a few co-works are friendly

I overall do like working here. Maybe speaking more english for people that don’t understand certain languages would feel more welcoming. Often times I feel excluded and/or confused because they’re mostly speaking in their language to each other which is perfectly fine because that’s what they’re more comfortable with but I would personally feel less on the outside if they spoke more english. I get along with a few friendly co-workers there but not much. Most times I feel invisible as i’m sometimes ignored when greeting people or saying goodbye to a co-worker after their shift. Sometimes if i’m taking care of a customers order, other co-workers would just take it from me and start doing it themselves even though i’m already doing it. I’m not given much work hours either. Management doesn’t pay until a month passes and is kind of unorganized regarding My pay. It’s pretty fast paced as well so if you can’t work under pressure I don’t recommend working here. Otherwise, go for it.

Points positifs

Manager’s and some co-workers are pretty friendly

Points négatifs

Being paid after a month
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It's like family

I've been there since 2010I've done alot of different things such as cook cashier ordering Open store get everything ready before opening The people are very nice like family

Points positifs

50 % on lunch

Points négatifs

Fast paced
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Great Coworkers new management ruined work environment

Stressful and fast paced, but coworkers were great and made it bearable. New management that came in ruined the flow of workplace. Showed favouritism to employees he hired.
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A good place to work

It's lucky that I worked with friendly colleagues and we were actually family. Since i had to move to Victoria so I had to leave this place. In general, I love this place but the wage is the minimum one.

Points positifs

Free lunch, supportive staffs

Points négatifs

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Low salary

There’s not enough salary nor the paid leaves are given and also no more chances of promotions. Rest are good. Also the staff is not sufficient. As there are 2 cahiers and a manger there should be two cooks. More duties of cook are there.
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horrible place to work at

Don't recommend working here at least not the weston location. Nobody knows what they are doing including the owners. Managers don't respond or pick up the phone and give you shifts on days you asked off. Several people also got kicked out of the work group chat and never got ahold of the owner. They also are very cheap and not inclusive. Training is also horrible they don't teach you at all but expect you to know everything and not make any mistakes. Overall you don't feel comfortable in the environment and they treat you horribly. This place has potential however they need a lot of help.

Points positifs

you make great friends

Points négatifs

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Don’t waste your time

I had to argue with them every pay day just to get the pay I earned. Some people who work there haven’t been laid in 3 or more weeks . One guy wasn’t paid for 6 weeks.

Points positifs


Points négatifs

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Not motivating to work

Not organize, management is garbage, no benefits,, a lot of gossips, too much competition, we dont get rewarded, people are toxic, discriminatory, inconsistent, demanding, and most of all biased.

Points positifs

50% off meal
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Very unprofessional management at least at the Weston location. Didn’t respond to messages for weeks and treat employees unfairly. While working here I was never given that security you feel while you work somewhere and know you will 100% have a job the next week, I never felt that while working here. On top of that I was just removed from the company group chat with no warning, no message, nothing. They’re very unprofessional and very disorganized place and the management is terrible! One week they gave me no shifts, the next week the gave me none and then once again the next week no shifts and got kicked out of the group chat.

Points positifs

Co workers are nice

Points négatifs

Poor management, Disorganized, rude
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Don't work here

They don't pass ROE. The side owners are pressuring their employees. Sometimes they don't pay fair. Somehow the staff are nice but full of backstabbings. The main owner is nice though.

Points négatifs

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I would prefer to give no star.

Working at churches can be fun and easy. But the management makes it toxic. They will have favourites and if you don’t butter managers then you are in trouble. Your work efforts are not taken into account.

Points positifs

Made good friends.

Points négatifs

worse management
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Good service

I really love churchs chicken the worker and customers are great and i have the best managers ever I would love to work with them again for sure in the future
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Good place to getting kitchen experience before get a job.

I did those things in the church @-Washing dishes -@Drying dishes @-Cleaning floor and kitchen @-Receiving guests @-Playing bass guitar Those experiences might be fit for working in the kitchen.
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