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Quel aspect de travailler chez Chudleigh's Bakery est le plus stressant?

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We are sorry you feel this way and that your candidacy did not make it forward to the next steps. Please continue to apply if you feel that your skills match what we are looking for!

20 mai 2020

Management posts fake jobs. Management interviews people for fake jobs. There are no jobs at Chudleigh's.

Don’t know what fantasy land the first guy is from but it very stressful. Unless you like micro mangers who aren’t qualified for their jobs and make everyone’s else stressed out since the owner won’t address the real issues. Since September 2018 50+ positions have been filled by turn over. This is not a company of 500 workers, 150 at most 30% + . That sound stress free?

There is nothing overly stressful about working here. I actually place more stress on myself to perform to my maximum capabilities more than anyone else possibly could.

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