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Vos supérieurs sont-ils facilement abordables chez Christian Horizons (CA)?

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  • A complete overhaul from the top on down. The few good managers are rare, but if you want to work at an agency fraught with nepotism, inequality and favouritism, apply! And don’t waste your time and money on a 4 year university degree because unless you have a DSW you will make the same rate of pay as a high school grad.

  • Offer growth opportunities or title changes that can be useful on a resume even if they don’t really offer additional pay increases. Give us anything that feels like a step forward.
    Make the leadership course mandatory for all managers. Train the managers with MORE leadership skills.

    Make employees more aware of outside training opportunities.

  • Hire people who know the English language and pay dsp's what they're worth

  • To give more hours

  • It's hard to say as this is a difficult industry to navigate. I'd recommend no one enter it in the first place.

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