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Si vous deviez quitter Christian Horizons (CA), quelle en serait la raison?

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  • Where do I start?



    Huge gap between front line staff and upper management.

    Staff who are useless at best, abusive at worst and nothing is done despite multiple complaints.

    Direct management ‘in bed’ with their managers.

    Too many demands on staff that take them away from duties, ie scheduling and call ins

    The list goes on.

  • I went back to teaching full time.

  • Cannot move up or even do a lateral shift in organization. Once a DSP always a DSP....

  • I have been with CH over 25 years, and my only reason to leave will be to follow my planned retirement by them time I’m 60.

  • Under appreciated, no opportunities for growth, could no longer handle the mistreatment of individuals in the homes, hated the conservative culture and incompetent staff.

  • Mismanagement. Unfair wages. Too many executives on the 'sunshine list while the ones doing the real work barely pay their bills. No longer a Christian environment

  • May be for better opportunity

  • I Dont have any reason to leave excerpt i as been told by management to do so

  • Upper management ignores the racial prejudice in Hamilton, most minorities have left this organization.

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