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Personal Support Worker (London, ON)
le 24 mars 2021
Lovely team. Great wage.
I loved it there for almost a decade. The colleagues are the best. Of course there are always a few bad eggs but for the most part everyone is fun, responsible, and are good teammates. There’s a little bit of pressure at times to do overtime but it is compensated very well. The training is decent and good. They have repetitive body mechanics training etc and I’m sure it also keeps people more safe than other workplaces. I left because of undesirable HR changes. Lay low and be responsible/compliant and you could be great for a long time. Politely document all interactions with HR with a union witness and be very very professional but settle for no less than fairness and respect. Cut your losses if you have to. Overall their goals and purpose are amazing and help keep people with physical disabilities in their own home. It’s definitely worth a try to work here and be part of it.
Personal Care Attendant (London, ON)
le 6 décembre 2021
Stay clear if you like to have a personal life!
When I first started so many years ago it was a great company and I loved coming to work. But know the management treats their workers like slaves, always assume you are lying, force you to work shifts you aren't scheduled to work, and will not support you or the consumers when in need of help. They do pay the most but for the things, we have to do we are underpaid. They expect us to risk our safety just so they can say a booking isn't missed (they care more about having it on paper that all books are filled than our safety) they do not care about you as we are just a number. Even when the management/director is in the wrong they will still blame the worker and cover up their wrongdoing. The new staff they are hiring don't care and often leave messes for the next staff and the manager just says "oh well" and nothing gets fixed. Avoid working here you can find better companies that may pay a few dollars less but they value you as a worker and won't take advantage. When it comes to the co-workers the ones that have been there long-term are great, but the new ones are catty, will badmouth you and they don't do their job as the management lets them get away with it.
PSW (London, ON)
le 30 juillet 2020
Benefits only for full time employees, flexible for senior staff only
This company only cares about money. They do not care about their employees or consumers. Often you are sent into bookings that you are not trained for and if you request a Care Plan, there is no information written down. They are/did not handle this pandemic well. (They removed our PPE from offices, locked it up and sent us out into the hight of the pandemic without resources) The management is a disgrace.
Personal Attendant (central London)
le 9 juin 2020
good place work
Enough time to do my job effectively, good training and support, good communication. Wish my pay was a bit more but that's life for a PSW. Benefits are good, but a bit expensive.
Personal Support Worker (Woodstock, ON)
le 21 avril 2020
Teribble Managament
Does not fit if you have any other commitments, kids, jobs etc They give you a schedule but will schedule you at any time that they need you, and you cannot say no. They have "rules" that you and they are supposed to abide by, but they urge you to break them if it suits their needs. They do not care about the safety of their employees or clients.

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Some general qualities as PSW for a starter. More wait for you as scenario based questions. Goole it then pick up scenario based tips. Documentation & report to direct supervisor is best answer for it.

Publié le 10 décembre 2020

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